Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 9:26 Single 33960000
Bilinski, Jacques 13:13 VP Single 47580000
Bonga, Anna 12:30 Single 45000000
Danicek, Will 11:16 Single 40560000
Fergusson, Eric 9:26 Single 33960000
Fingler, Colin 9:26 Single 33960000
Hagen, Mike 8:10 Single 29400000
Himschoot, Ron 12:30 Single 45000000
Hinde, Carol 12:30 Single 45000000
Hinde, Stephen 12:30 Single 45000000
Hossack, Étienne 13:13 VP Single 47580000
Hossack, Karen 13:13 VP Single 47580000
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 12:30 Single 45000000
Lynch, Cheryl 10:28 Single 37680000
Malek, Alard 12:30 Single 45000000
Moloney, Luke 9:26 Single 33960000
Mudrakoff, Jeff 9:26 Single 33960000
Neifer, Roy 13:13 VP Single 47580000
Oswald, John 9:26 Single 33960000
Person, Ed 9:08 Single 32880000
Premack, Craig 8:10 Single 29400000
Press, Nigel 8:10 Single 29400000
Simpson, Daniel 8:51 Single 31860000
Stewart, Ronald 13:13 VP Single 47580000
van Wersch, Paul 8:51 Recumbent 31860000
Whaley, Paul 12:30 Single 45000000

A brevet to honour Harold Bridge: A route that Crosses Every Single Bridge On The Fraser River From Golden Ears To The Mouth. Every. Single. Bridge.

In order: - Port Mann - Pitt River (bonus bridge!) - Golden Ears - Barnston Island Ferry - Patullo - Queensborough - Knight Street - Canada Line - Oak Street - Arthur Laing - Bridgeport Road over Moray Channel - Moray Channel (Sea Island Way) - Dinsmore - Number 2 Road - Queensborough Connector over Annacis Channel - Highway 91 over Annacis Channel - Derwent Way (swinger!) - Alex Fraser - Westham Island

There is a fairly strenuous climb from river level to the Port Mann access early in the ride, and a couple of other hills, but mostly the route sticks to river level. From the Port Mann to Barnston Island the ride is very scenic. There is a control at the café at the Pitt Meadows Airport, but there could be a long wait for a fresh-made sandwich. That is your last food service until New West, although those with local knowledge can make short diversions in Langley or Surrey to find food and drink.

If you cycle briskly on Barnston Island, you can catch the ferry back with no delay. There is a sailing every 20 minutes or so. There is a toilet 7 km into the 10 km loop of the island.

There is a control at the Steel & Oak Brewery in New Westminster. The beer is excellent, and there is often a food truck there. A few km later, the route passes the many fast food options of Queensborough Landing.

The cluster of bridges connecting Vancouver, Sea Island and Lulu Island is, admittedly, a bit tedious.

Here is a link to the RideWithGPS route.