Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 11:33 Single 41580000
Baker, Gary 10:40 Single 38400000
Danicek, Will 11:33 Single 41580000
den Braber, Rick 9:59 Single 35940000
Eldridge, Robert 10:40 Single 38400000
Fingler, Colin 9:59 Single 35940000
Guzman, Jaime 10:55 Single 39300000
Hagen, Mike 8:12 Single 29520000
Himschoot, Ron 9:59 Single 35940000
Hossack, Étienne 7:24 Single 26640000
King, Dave 9:23 Single 33780000
Koen, Bob 10:52 Single 39120000
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 11:40 Single 42000000
Lynch, Cheryl 9:59 Single 35940000
Malek, Alard 11:40 Single 42000000
Maurer, Bill 9:59 Single 35940000
McIntosh, Michael 8:12 Single 29520000
Neifer, Roy 10:52 Single 39120000
Ogawa, Shiro DNF Single 999999999
Person, Ed 9:23 Single 33780000
Press, Nigel 7:24 Single 26640000
Reimer, Andy 10:52 Single 39120000
Simpson, John 10:55 Single 39300000
Stary, Peter 8:40 Single 31200000
Szarecki, Maciej 11:40 Single 42000000
van Wersch, Paul 9:23 Single 33780000
Wyne, Theo 9:23 Single 33780000

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A few notes about the course, the elevation gains are a little higher than I had originally planned. Climbers will love it, while others will probably give me the look at the first controle. You want to keep a good pace to the first controle. Myself, Shiro & Deirdre started the pre ride on Sunday. Shiro withdrew at the 70km mark, he was concerned about finishing at 9pm into what was a pretty big wind storm. Deirdre and I actually walked our bikes for about a km on Ladner Trunk Rd because of the cross winds. We finished the course in 11:33, a respectable time for checking the route sheet while battling what were estimated to be 80 km/hr gusts. Watching the power lines swing on the wind, and then the Alex Fraser cables singing was interesting... I hope you all get to miss that part.

Back to ride day, there will be staffed controles at Websters Corner, Mt Lehman and WhiteRock. With 50 kms of fairly flat terrain left there will be an info controle in Delta before you sprint to the finish on the South Fraser Perimeter Road and return over the Alex Fraser bridge.