Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 10:35 Single 38100000
Baker, Gary 9:01 Single 32460000
Barr, Susan 8:52 Single 31920000
Blair, Richard 10:35 Single 38100000
Caddick, Jodi 9:31 Single 34260000
Chase, Barry 10:13 Single 36780000
den Braber, Rick 9:01 Single 32460000
Eldridge, Robert 9:01 Single 32460000
Fergusson, Eric 9:40 Single 34800000
Fingler, Colin 8:37 Single 31020000
Fingler, Ian 8:18 Single 29880000
Hagen, Mike 7:29 Single 26940000
Hagreen, Erik 8:18 Single 29880000
Hartline, Andrew 7:29 Single 26940000
Hinde, Carol 11:08 Single 40080000
Hinde, Stephen 11:08 Single 40080000
Ignacio, Malou 8:10 Single 29400000
Johnson, David 9:01 Fixed 32460000
Jones, Meyrick 8:58 Single 32280000
King, Dave 7:14 Single 26040000
Koch-Schulte, John 10:20 Single 37200000
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 10:20 Single 37200000
Lynch, Cheryl 8:52 Single 31920000
Malek, Alard 10:20 Single 37200000
Maurer, Bill 8:18 Single 29880000
McIntosh, Michael 8:10 Single 29400000
Moloney, Luke 9:16 Single 33360000
Mudrakoff, Jeff 9:01 Single 32460000
Neifer, Roy 9:16 Single 33360000
Nichol, Ross 8:52 Single 31920000
Orr, Cynthia 8:58 Single 32280000
Oswald, John 8:10 Single 29400000
Person, Ed 7:14 Single 26040000
Premack, Craig 7:15 VP Tandem 26100000
Press, Nigel 7:15 VP Tandem 26100000
Reimer, Andy 10:35 Single 38100000
Simpson, Daniel 8:18 Single 29880000
Stary, Peter 8:37 Single 31020000
Van Gaans, Gerry DNF Single 999999999
Vercammen, James 8:37 Single 31020000
White, Charles 9:01 Tandem 32460000
White, Kathy 9:01 Tandem 32460000

We had planned our pre-ride date some time ago, and were elated to have favourable weather. Hopefully this will repeat on April 16th. The route rivals ‘The Flatlander’ for lack of elevation gain, which led to the decision to dust off my tandem. Nigel and I had our own issues, but managed to finish by lubricating the bottom bracket with a Gatorade/ water mix.

There are 5 controls, 3 of them staffed. -The first 'info' control is at the top of Spanish Banks hill @ UBC, don’t speed past. -Ian Fingler will set up the next one at Diplomat Bakery. Mmmm. -The Tswwassen control will be staffed by Nigel Press at the approximate half way point. It's 500m away from a Gas Station that has M/F washrooms and a store. -We have a special volunteer at the Tim Hortons on 96th Ave to stamp your Control Card, Allison Voth daughter of Larry Voth. She’d like to honour her Dad by giving back to the sport that gave him so much enjoyment.

The course was generally in good shape. River Rd in Ladner has some holes. Also, the pavement on 96th Ave after the Timmy’s control was very bad. With much less industrial traffic on Saturday and two lanes, I would recommend taking one of them. The railway tracks in this stretch demand careful attention. 2km from the finish there is a left hand turn across Barnet Hwy @ a pedestrian crossing. Riders will be tired and strongly recommended to trigger the signal. The finish is about 3km from the start along the Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail, it’s downhill if you need to collect your car or use Skytrain.The Hop & Vine Taphouse will be expecting us. CP