I'm fairly confident that roads will be open and we can use this route. Be prepared for lots of climbing in the first half particularly between Cache Creek and 70 Mile. Pace yourself and stay hydrated. Cache Creek (first control, 100 km) has your usual assortment of convenience stores, Subway and A&W. The 70 Mile General Store is great for everything from ice cream cones to samosas and sandwiches. The Interlakes store and deli is excellent (233 km), stock up there because the store at Little Fort (299 km) closes at 8:00 pm, and your next opportunity is the control at the Barriere Esso at 330 km.

Organizer (that would be me) is riding. If you have pre registered I will wait for you, so if you register and decide not to ride please let me know. I will leave a few route sheets, waivers and control cards in a zip lock bag under a wiper blade. If you are late and have not pre registered, take one, fill it out, slip the waiver through the window of my truck and we'll worry about the entry fee later. Or better yet, be on time.