Pre-reg here

Some controls will require staring at signs and scrambling in the dark to find stickers. Be prepared!!

There are no en-route services between Mission and Maple Ridge, so make sure you pack enough water and food.

From the pre-ride:
  • This route is not a horrifically difficult route. But neither is flat. There are some hills.
  • The pre-ride was done by those who were (self-described) "out-of-shape" - so you can do them too.
    There is no shame in walking a hard hill.
  • There are some rough railroad track crossings. Cross them at a safe angle!
  • Pizza 24 has amazing pizza. We shared a small pizza (shahi paneer). But they are very busy, so order in advance
    (Étienne recommends right before you climb the 272nd St. hill)
  • Despite being a night ride, many sections are well lit with street lighting.
  • It was cold at night, but as long as you keep moving, it generally doesn't get super cold - especially with some climbing :)
  • In general, Étienne likes to send you down cool roads. But this means there may be many cues. However, the route is pretty straightforward, so don't sweat it.


Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Campbell, Kit 11:51 Single 42660000
Cojocaru, Alex 7:45 Single 27900000
Cousineau, Ryan 10:39 VP Single 38340000
Danicek, Will 11:25 Single 41100000
Fergusson, Eric 11:44 Single 42240000
Fingler, Colin 9:41 Single 34860000
Gottlieb, Michael 11:25 Single 41100000
Hagen, Mike 9:41 Single 34860000
Henderson, Tobin 10:39 VP Single 38340000
Hossack, Étienne 10:39 VP Single 38340000
Koen, Bob 12:53 Single 46380000
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 12:53 Single 46380000
Mudrakoff, Jeff 9:41 Single 34860000
Oesef, Kevin 11:25 Single 41100000
Wyne, Theo 9:41 Single 34860000