Last Run Dist. (km) Region Permanent Name Controls
2015-03-29 25 Lower Mainland Pacific Populaire
2019-10-20 40 Lower Mainland AGM Populaire Delta
2020-03-07 50 Lower Mainland Richmond Loop
2015-03-29 50 Lower Mainland Pacific Populaire
2015-04-05 50 Vancouver Island Victoria Populaire
2015-06-13 50 Vancouver Island Cowichan Populaire
2015-03-29 100 Lower Mainland Pacific Populaire
2015-04-05 100 Vancouver Island Victoria Populaire
2015-06-13 100 Vancouver Island Cowichan Populaire 100
2016-04-09 100 Peace River Peace Region Populaire
2015-07-01 150 Lower Mainland Canada Day Populaire Langley, Fort Langley, Chilliwack, Langley
2016-04-16 150 Peace River Peace Region Populaire
151 Vancouver Island BC Day Populaire
152 Lower Mainland 2 Laps 12 Hour TT
2015-06-13 161 Vancouver Island Cowichan Populaire 161
2002-08-18 200 Vancouver Island #7 C R Victoria-Cassidy-Victoria
2009-11-30 200 Lower Mainland #39 C R Chilliwack Crescent(reverse)
2009-03-28 200 Lower Mainland #45 C R Vancouver-Victoria
2009-10-19 200 Vancouver Island #49 C Comox Valley Mt. Washington
2018-03-10 200 Vancouver Island Chili Victoria - Saanich - Oak Bay - Sidney - Victoria
2006-06-24 200 Lower Mainland #52 C R MX 200 Mountain X'treme
2010-03-27 200 Kamloops #60 C R Hardly a Ramble
2010-02-18 200 Lower Mainland #63 C R Pitt Meadows Eastern Hillsides
2018-06-08 200 Lower Mainland #175 C R G Chilliwack Square Dance Surrey, Chilliwack, Surrey
1993-05-24 200 Kamloops Cranbrook- Ft Steele - Kimberley Cranbrook, Jaffray, Fort Steele, Wasa, Kimberley
2010-08-19 200 Lower Mainland #70 C R O & H
2018-08-18 200 Lower Mainland #177 C R No More Cloudy Days Aldergrove border crossing (US customs), Mount Vernon, Summers Drive & Bradshaw Road, Josh Wilson Road & Rector Road, Aldergrove border crossing (Canada customs)
200 Lower Mainland #180 C R G The Triple 'S' Vancouver, Fort Langley, Sumas Mountain, Abbotsford, Yellow Barn, Langley Township, Vancouver
1995-08-25 200 Lower Mainland Vancouver - Maple Falls Vancouver, Aldergrove, Maple Falls, Fort Langley, Vancouver
2011-02-18 200 Lower Mainland #81 C R Rambling Elephant
2011-09-10 200 Lower Mainland #87 C R Misty Mountain
2007-04-14 200 Lower Mainland 3 Hump Camel Fort Langley
2012-06-16 200 Vancouver Island Tour of Nanaimo and Cowichan Valley Nanaimo, Genoa Bay, Millbay, Glenora, Nanaimo.
2012-10-06 200 Vancouver Island Last fall push Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Millbay, Chemainus, Nanaimo.
2011-07-16 200 Vancouver Island Somewhat Familiar Esquimalt, Sidney, Wilkinson Rd, Kemp Lake Store, Esquimalt.
200 Vancouver Island Chemainus - Cameron Lake Chemainus, Cameron Lake, Chemainus
2013-05-03 200 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club #104 Hoping for ice cream
1992-08-15 200 Vancouver Island Yellow Point-Mill Bay Nanaimo, Yellow Point, Genoa Bay, Mill Bay
2013-06-01 200 Vancouver Island #121 C R CRD Challenge
1999-09-11 200 Kamloops 100 Mile House Off and on road.
2014-02-25 200 Lower Mainland #126 C R Follow The Fraser Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Tsawwassen, Westham Island, Richmond, Vancouver
2014-08-09 200 Kamloops Sorrento - Mara- Otter Lk - Falkland Sorrento, Mara, Otter Lake Rd, Falkland, Chase Sorrento
2014-11-11 200 Lower Mainland Golden Lions North Vancouver, Lions Bay, Iona Beach, Pitt Meadows, North Vancouver
2015-07-11 200 Peace River FSJ - Montney - Prepatou Fort St. John, Montney, Prespatou, Montney, FSJ
1979-04-22 201 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club New West - Brakendale New West (Police Station), Lion's Bay, Brackendale, Lion's Bay, New West
2016-12-31 201 Lower Mainland #151 C R Take It Easy Burnaby, UBC, Iona Beach, Garry Point Park, Port Royal Park, Crofton House School, Pitt River Bridge
2008-11-26 201 Lower Mainland #29 C R Chilliwack Crescent
2009-12-05 201 Lower Mainland #33 C R Elf Stomper
2009-04-30 201 Fraser Valley #34 C R FortLWack Crescent
2009-03-06 201 Lower Mainland #42 C R Ladner Bellingham Abbotsford
2009-11-27 201 Lower Mainland #54 C R Mountain & Shores
2013-01-13 201 Lower Mainland #57 C R Why Port Coquitlam, Chiilwack, Mission, Kilby, Mission, Port Coquitlam
2010-04-22 201 Lower Mainland #65 C R Sea to Sky to Sea
2010-11-11 201 Lower Mainland #75 C R G Water Water Everywhere (Bean Around the World) Lonsdale Quay, Porteau Cove, Iona Island, Steveston, North Vancouver
2011-03-06 201 Kamloops #82 C R Hardly a Ramble II
2012-08-18 201 Lower Mainland Vancouver - Garibaldi Vancouver, Garibaldi, Vancouver
2012-09-03 201 Peace River FSJ - Shepherd's Inn - Montney - Goodlow Fort St John - Shepherd's Inn - Montney - Goodlow
2013-06-08 201 Lower Mainland #99 C R Sumas Prairie Horseshoe
2013-09-21 201 Kamloops Kamloops - Cache Creek Kamloops - Cache Creek - Kamloops
1993-05-23 201 Kamloops Nelson Nelson, Kaslo, New Denver, Winlaw, Taghum
2006-04-15 201 Lower Mainland Bay to Barn Burnaby Lake, Reiffel Island, Campbell River Store in Surrey, Mission
2008-04-20 201 Lower Mainland Flying Beaver Sea Island, Tsawwassen, Crescent Beach, Langley, Fort Langley
2015-06-27 201 Vancouver Island Salt Spring Island Surprise
2016-09-05 202 Lower Mainland #142 C R G Seven Bridges Road Burnaby, Steveston,Tsawwassen, Maple Ridge, Burnaby
2016-09-17 202 Peace River FSJ- Hudson Hope FSJ, Peace Canyon Dam, Hudson Hope, FSJ
2017-07-08 202 Kamloops #145 C R Roll Up Yer Sleeves Sorento, Seymour Arm, Sorrento
2008-11-15 202 Vancouver Island #25 C R Peninsula
2017-05-09 202 Lower Mainland #157 C R G Peaceful, Easy Feeling Burnaby, UBC, Mission, Burnaby
2009-03-06 202 Vancouver Island #41 C R Nanaimo Country Club Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Millbay, Chemainus, Nanaimo.
2009-10-10 202 Lower Mainland #50 C R That's Ridiculous
2010-01-27 202 Lower Mainland #62 C R Rivers Reaches and Beaches
2018-04-21 202 Peace River FSJ - Shepherd's Inn - Montney - Baldonnel FSJ, Montney, Shepherd's Inn, Milligan Creek Rd, Montney, YXJ, Baldonnel, FSJ
1991-04-14 202 Lower Mainland Burnaby - Aldergrove - Maple Falls Burnaby, Aldergrove, Maple Falls, Fort Langley, Burnaby
2011-08-13 202 Lower Mainland #88 C R Suburban Safari
2011-08-02 202 Lower Mainland Coffee, Lunch and Tea White Rock, Fort Langley, Abbotsford
2013-06-23 202 Lower Mainland #102 C R Sumas Bowtie
1992-04-11 202 Lower Mainland Fraser Valley Albion, Seabird Island, Aldergrove, Fort Langley
2001-04-22 202 Lower Mainland Fleetwood Surrey Sport and Leisure Centre, South Delta Recreation Centre, Ferndale, Abbotsford
2002-07-07 202 Lower Mainland Ice Cream & Wine Fort Langley, Chilliwack, Columbia Valley, Birchwood Dairy, South Langley, Glen Valley
2015-11-29 202 Vancouver Island #131 C R G Wiggly Worm with Snail Victoria, Sidney, Saanich, Saanich, Sidney, Deep Cove, Saanich, Sidney, Oak Bay, Victoria
2008-07-05 202 Lower Mainland Four Coves and a Mountain North Vancouver, Port Moody, Vancouver, West Vancouver, Cypress Mtn
2015-11-02 202 Kamloops #135 C R Kelowna Enderby Lower Mission (Kelowna), Little Kingdom, Enderby, Lower Mission
2015-10-16 202 Lower Mainland #136 Audax of beer and coffee (ABC)
2016-09-03 203 Peace River FSJ - Shepherd's Inn - Cecil Lake
2008-11-15 203 Lower Mainland #18 C R Fraser Valley Flatlander
2008-12-06 203 Lower Mainland #31 C R Ocean Park Flatlander
2006-09-09 203 Kamloops 100 Mile House - Hard 100 Mile House, Lac des roches, Lone Butte, Green Lake, 70 Mile, 100 Mile House
2010-04-12 203 Lower Mainland #59 C R 7 Wonders of the North Shore
2011-02-07 203 Lower Mainland #80 C R Ocean Park, Mission
2012-09-23 203 Peace River Ft St John - Charlie Lk - Hudson Hope Fort St John, Charlie Lake, Peace Canyon Dam (Hudson Hope), Charlie Lake, Fort St John
2012-10-17 203 Vancouver Island #98 Parks Galore
2013-09-18 203 Kamloops Kamloops - St. Ives - Little Shu Lake Gateway Shell, info control at St. Ives (end of pavement), info control at Quaaout Lodge, Gateway Shell
2013-12-30 203 Lower Mainland #118 G Divine Mission Poco, Stave Lake, Paradise Valley, Fort Langley, Vancouver
2000-04-16 203 Lower Mainland Burnaby-Tsawwassen-Deroche Burnaby Sports Complex, South Delta Rec Centre, Deroche
2015-07-25 203 Peace River FSJ - Goodlow - Cleardale FSJ, Goodlow, Cleardale, Goodlow, FSJ
2006-06-17 204 Kamloops Fruitvale - Nelson - Rossland Fruitvale, Nelson, Rossland, Fruitvale
204 Lower Mainland #67 C R Y2
2011-09-29 204 Lower Mainland #89 C R Poco. Chilliwack
2011-10-08 204 Lower Mainland #90 C R How Flat is the Valley...
2013-01-20 204 Lower Mainland #100 C R Spring to Springs
2013-08-17 204 Lower Mainland Vancouver-Squamish-Seymour Vancouver, Squamish, Stoney Creek Picnic Area in Seymour Demonstration Forest, Seymour Mountain Summit, Vancouver
1993-04-17 204 Lower Mainland Pete's Moguls Burnaby Sports Complex, Aldergrove, McConnell Creek, UBC Forest, SFU Market
2006-04-22 204 Kamloops Kamloops - Logan Lake Kamloops, Logan Lake, Lower Nicola - clockwise or counterclockwise
2019-12-01 205 Kamloops #204 C R A River Runs Through It Kamloops (Gateway Shell), Mclure Ferry, Chase Grocery, Kamloops
2004-04-17 205 Lower Mainland Albion - Johnston Slough Albion, Johnston Slough, Yellow Barn, Fort Langley
2010-06-26 205 Lower Mainland #69 C R Pemberton Valley
2011-10-06 205 Lower Mainland #91 C R Around the Lake
1997-08-16 205 Vancouver Island Tour of Cowichan and Nanaimo Valleys Yellow Point, Ladysmith, Genoa Bay, Mill Bay, Glenora, Yellow Point
2013-03-24 205 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club #111 Mainland to Island
2016-10-01 206 Lower Mainland New West - Edison New West, Edison, New West
2010-03-20 206 Lower Mainland Sasquatch Stomper Vancouver, Mission, Harrison Mills, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver
2017-10-14 206 Lower Mainland #181 C R G (Close to) Car Free Vancouver, Stanley Park, Marine Dr, Deep Cove, Seymour Dam, Belcarra, Vancouver
2017-10-12 206 Lower Mainland #168 C R No More Walks in the Woods Burnaby, Ferndale, Nooksack
2009-08-05 206 Kamloops #46 C R Douglas Lake Loop
2010-12-05 206 Lower Mainland #77 C R NorSquatch
1993-04-03 206 Vancouver Island #86 C R Nanaimo Cowichan Chase R, Genoa Bay, Mill Bay, Glenora
2011-03-19 206 Lower Mainland Sasquatch Stomper (Waves Coffee House) Commercial Dr & 3rd Ave
2012-07-14 206 Vancouver Island #122 C R Portage Victoria, Duncan, lake Cowichan, Humpback Rd, Victoria.
2001-08-25 206 Lower Mainland Maple Ridge - Sedro Woolley Maple Ridge, Nugent's Corner, Sedro Woolley, Nugent's Corner, Mission
1986-05-04 207 Vancouver Island Chemainus-Cameron Lake Chemainus - Nanoose - Cameron Lake - Parksville - Chemainus
2013-02-10 207 Lower Mainland #27 C R Sedro Woolley
2009-02-21 207 Kamloops #40 C R Salmon Arm Kamloops
2008-04-26 207 Kamloops Kamloops - Little Fort Dallas Petro Can, Little Fort, Kamloops
2009-04-25 207 Kamloops #51 C R Sorrento Falkland Kamloops
2012-04-28 207 Peace River Signs of Spring Fort St. John, Shepherd's Inn at 43 km, Buick, Prespatou, Fort St. John
2012-04-14 207 Lower Mainland Bay to Barn - Tsawwassen Burnaby Lake, Tsawwassen ferry terminal, Campbell River store, Mt. Lehman, Burnaby Lake
2011-01-27 207 Lower Mainland #79 C R Horseshoe to Harrison
2000-07-09 207 Lower Mainland Surrey-Everson-Glacier-Ft Langley Surrey Park & Ride, Aldergrove, Glacier, Port Kells
1995-09-18 207 Lower Mainland Flatlander - Albion Start Albion, Popkum, Chilliwack Fish Hatchery, Sumas, Fort Langley
1995-06-10 207 Lower Mainland 3 Valley Tour Albion, Stave Falls, McConnell Creek, Sumas Mtn, Chilliwack Fish Hatchery, Sumas Mtn, Fort Langley
2009-01-19 208 Lower Mainland #36 C R Surrey Sedro
2003-07-06 208 Lower Mainland Fraser Valley Bit by Bit All Tim Hortons - Coquitlam, Burnaby, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Maple Ridge, PoCo
2010-11-28 209 Lower Mainland #76 C R Hot Springs Pancake
2017-10-05 210 Lower Mainland #166 C R Frail Grasp on the Big Picture Burnaby, South Surrey, East Sumas, Semiahmoo Resort
2020-10-06 210 Lower Mainland #84 C R All the Way to Hell, But...
2010-04-24 210 Kamloops Kam - Falkland - Salmon Arm Dallas Dr, Falkland, Salmon Arm
2009-07-19 211 Kamloops #47 C R Squaam Bay
2012-04-23 211 Vancouver Island #97 C R Coastal Inspiration Chemainus, Lake Cowichan, Port Renfrew, Chemainus
2012-05-05 212 Lower Mainland Harrison Hot Springs Harrison Hot Springs, Huntingdon, Fort Langley, Abbotsford, Harrison Hot Springs
2016-05-24 215 Kamloops #141 C R Silver Triangle Nelson, Kaslo, New Denver and Winlaw
2010-10-16 217 Lower Mainland #73 C R Como Lake to Maple Falls
2004-07-04 223 Lower Mainland #55 C R Burnaby to Maple Falls Burnaby, Maple Falls via Silver Lake, Mission, Burnaby
228 Lower Mainland 3 Laps 12 Hour TT
2010-10-10 230 Lower Mainland #71 C R LowLander loop 3
2013-07-11 234 Vancouver Island #106 Renfrew Direct
2010-02-21 297 Lower Mainland #66 C R La Connor (Knight & Day) Boundary Rd.
2017-04-15 300 Vancouver Island #156 C Peninsula Only Oak Bay, Sidney, Saanich Peninsula
2017-05-13 300 Peace River FSJ - Montney - Prespatou FSJ, Charlie Lake, Montney, Prespatou, Shepherd's Inn, Peterson X, Montney, FSJ
2003-05-03 300 Vancouver Island Duncan - Royston Nanaimo, Duncan, Qualicum beach, Royston, Qualicum beach, Nanaimo.
1995-04-22 300 Lower Mainland Burnaby - Maple Falls Burnaby Lake, Aldergrove border crossing, Maple Falls, Fort Langley, Burnaby
2018-04-28 300 Lower Mainland Vancouver - Whistler Knight and Day Vancouver, Whistler
1991-05-20 300 Kamloops Nelson 300 via Salmo Nelson, Kaslo, New Denver, Castlegar, Salmo, Nelson
1996-07-06 300 Lower Mainland Guildford - Stanwood - BIg Lake Guildford, Birch Bay, Stanwood, Big Lake, Sumas, Fort Langley, Guildford
2012-04-28 300 Lower Mainland #207 Crouching Rat Kits, Coquitlam, Sumas Mountain, Crescent Beach, Tsawwassen, Kits
300 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Misc. 300km Permanent
2012-07-07 300 Kamloops Sorrento - Falkland - Kamloops Sorrento, Chase, Pillar Lake, Salmon Arm, Falkland, Kamloops, Sorrento
2011-04-10 300 Vancouver Island Westcoast Chemanius, Lake Cowichan, Port Renfrew
2011-04-30 300 Lower Mainland Hatzic Hills E4th and Boundary, Hartley Rd, Johnson Slough
2011-05-14 300 Kamloops Mica Dam Revelstoke
2003-07-26 300 Vancouver Island Tour of the Cowichan Valley 300
2011-07-30 300 Lower Mainland Mt Baker from White Rock White Rock, Mt Baker, Edison
2011-08-01 300 Lower Mainland White Rock to Chilliwack Lake White Rock, Stave Lake, Chilliwack Lake
1986-05-25 300 Vancouver Island Chemainus - Comox Chemainus, Comox, Chemainus
2013-07-27 300 Lower Mainland Coquitlam-Hope Coquitlam, Deroche, Hope, Chilliwack, Gloucester, Pitt Meadows
1988-05-22 300 Kamloops Nakusp 300 Nakusp - Silverton - Nelson - Kaslo - Zincton Summit - Nakusp
2016-07-16 300 Vancouver Island Salt Spring Island Surprise
2010-06-26 300 Vancouver Island Nanaimo to Port Renfrew Nanaimo, Duncan, Lake Cowichan, Port Renfrew, Lake Cowichan, Duncan, Nanaimo
2016-04-30 300 Lower Mainland Hemlock Valley Burnaby, Coquitlam, Stave Lake, Hemlock Valley, Chilliwack, Birchwood, Fort Langley, Burnaby
2018-08-06 301 Lower Mainland #152 C R Take It To The Limit
2005-07-23 301 Lower Mainland Squamish - D'Arcy Squamish, Squamish Valley Rd, D'Arcy, Squamish
2020-08-12 301 Lower Mainland #61 C R Callaghan Valley Olympic Park
2008-11-30 302 Vancouver Island #32 C R Peninsula
2003-04-26 302 Lower Mainland Burnaby - Ryder Lake Burnaby, Crescent Beach, Abbotsford, Ryder Lake, Seabird, Harrison, Haney, Burnaby
2013-05-11 302 Kamloops Kamloops - Brookmere Kamloops, Merritt, Brookmere, Tunkwa Lake Rd, Logan Lake, Kamloops
2000-07-22 302 Lower Mainland Fraser Valley - Kendall Maple Ridge, Hope, Chilliwack, Kendall, Customs
2007-04-28 302 Lower Mainland Ruby Creek 300 E 4th & Boundary, Maple Ridge, McConnell Creek, Ruby Creek, McConnell Creek
2005-04-30 303 Lower Mainland Tsawwassen - Bellingham - Hamilton Tsawwassen, Bellingham, Hamilton, Sumas, Tsawwassen
2011-03-18 303 Vancouver Island #83 C Coast2Coast
1994-04-16 303 Vancouver Island Victoria-Duncan-Sooke Duncan, Sea Otter Cove, Oak Bay, Sidney, Colwood, via Malahat.
303 Vancouver Island #103 Renfrew Ramble
2015-05-09 303 Kamloops Control Freak
2011-07-16 304 Vancouver Island Victoria - Renfrew - Lake Cowichan Victoria, Port Renfrew, Lake Cowichan, Victoria
2002-05-04 304 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Burnaby - Seabird - Anmore Burnaby Sports Complex, Aldergove, Vedder, Johnson Slough, Harrison Hot Springs, Maple Ridge, Anmore
2007-07-01 304 Kamloops Fruitvale - Castlegar - New Denver Fruitvale, Castlegar, New Denver, Fruitvale
2008-08-23 304 Lower Mainland Fort Langley - Arlington Out and Back Fort Langley, Nugent's Corner, Arlington, Deming, Fort Langley
1991-05-04 304 Lower Mainland Guildford - Chilliwack Fish Hatchery Guildford, Ladner, Aldergrove, Chilliwack Fish Hatchery, Agassiz, Mission, Fort Langley, Guildford
2010-04-18 304 Kamloops #64 C R Shorter Southern Rambles
1994-01-01 304 Lower Mainland 4 Laps 12 Hour TT
1995-06-24 304 Lower Mainland Surrey-Mt Vernon-Maple Falls-Surrey (Guildford Town Centre) Surrey, Ladner, Birch Bay, Mt Vernon, Maple Falls, Ft Langley, Surry
2011-07-09 305 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Kamloops - Sicamous - Vernon Gateway, Notch Hill, Sicamous, Vernon
2015-04-12 305 Vancouver Island Big Tree 300 Chemainus, Roberts Park, Parksville, Island Highway, Cathedral Grove, Chemainus
2006-04-22 306 Vancouver Island #13 R Hills are Alive Victoria, Sidney, Millstream, Duncan, Sooke, Victoria.
2005-07-16 306 Vancouver Island #14 R Tsunami Victoria, Langford, Sooke, Port Renfrew, Sea Otter Cove, Saanich, Victoria
2008-05-10 306 Lower Mainland #21 C R Fraser Flats E. 4th and Boundary, Tsawwassen, White Rock, Abbotsford (Birchwood Dairy), Chehalis River FS Camp Site, Vancouver
2009-05-16 306 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Kamloops - Merritt - Cache Creek Kamloops, Merritt, Cache Creek
1998-06-27 306 Lower Mainland Doug and Susan's Roller Burnaby Sports Complex, Birch Bay, Bayview, Maple Falls, Mission
2001-08-25 307 Lower Mainland Maple Ridge - Rockport Maple Ridge, Nugent's Corner, Rockport, Sedro Woolley, Mission, Maple Ridge
2008-05-17 308 Kamloops Salmon Arm - Mabel Lake - Vernon Salmon Arm, Enderby, Mabel Lake, Glenmore, Westside Road
2000-04-29 308 Lower Mainland Langley-Concrete-Alger Langely, Lake Whatcom, Concrete, Alger, Blaine
2016-05-14 309 Peace River Goodlow - Prespatou FSJ, Goodlow, FSJ, Prespatou, FSJ
2013-06-01 310 Lower Mainland #101 C R Abbotsford Hope and Ice Cream Popkum, Harrison Hotsprings, Hope, Vedder, Birchwood Dairy, Popkum
1987-01-01 314 Lower Mainland Burnaby-Chilliwack Fish Hatchery Burnaby Lake Sports Complex, Chilliwack Fish Hatchery, Harrison, Burnaby Lake
2017-05-26 351 Lower Mainland #158 C R Long Road Out of Eden Burnaby, Hope, Merritt, Kamloops
2003-05-16 365 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club AARP Enumclaw - Monroe - Stanwood - Sumas - Harrison Hot Springs
2003-05-17 366 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Fleche Pedalers Harrison Hot Springs - Hope - Chilliwack - Aldergrove - Ladner Laundry - Ferndale - Chilliwack - Harrison Hot Springs
2012-05-05 370 Lower Mainland Cultus Lake Cultus Lake, Columbia Valley, Vedder Crossing, Chilliwack, Chilliwack, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Huntingdon, Abbotsford, Langley, Crecent Beach, Tsawwassen, Fort Langley, Abbotsford, Cultus Lake
2012-05-05 372 Lower Mainland Harrison Hot Springs Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, Chilliwack, Aldergrove, Ladner, Birch Bay, Ferndale, Harrison Hot Springs
2003-05-16 378 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Prime Movers Harrison Hot Springs - Hope - Chilliwack - Nugent's Corner - Blaine/Nooksack - Chilliwack - Hope - Harrison Hot Springs
2003-05-16 379 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Lunatic Fringe Port Coquitlam - Sumas - Sedro Woolley - Marblemount - Sedro Woolley - Harrison Hot Springs
379 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club South Sound Sojourners Olympia - Hoodsport - Port Townsend - Bellingham - Sardis - Harrison Hot Springs
1997-05-03 380 Lower Mainland Vancouver - Yale - Bellingham Vancouver, Yale (or Spuzzum?), Aggasiz, Kendall, Bellingham, Mission, Harrison
380 Lower Mainland 5 Laps 12 Hour TT
2003-05-17 381 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Sins of the Fleche Redmond - Maltby - Carnation - Sultan - Granite Falls - Stanwood - LaConner - Bellingham - Van Zandt - Mission - Harrison Hot Springs
2012-04-06 387 Lower Mainland Victoria Victoria, Chemainus, Nanaimo, Mill Bay, Victoria, Sidney, Surrey, Abbotsford, Harrison Hot Springs
2012-05-05 396 Kamloops Falkland Falkland, Merritt, Boston Bar, Harrison Hot Springs
1988-06-18 400 Kamloops Kamloops -100 Mile - Little Fort Kamloops; Cache Creek; 100 Mile House; Barriere; Kamloops
1995-05-06 400 Lower Mainland Whidbey Island 400 (South Vancouver start) SW Marine Dr, Peace Arch, Fairhaven, Conway, Whidbey Island (Fort Casey), Fidalgo, Lake Whatcom, South Vancouver
1995-06-30 400 Kamloops Logan Lake - Golden Logan Lake, Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Revelstoke, Roger's Pass, Golden
2020-05-09 400 Vancouver Island Chemainus-Cobble Hill-Cumberland-Chemainus Chemainus, Cobble Hill, Chemainus, Cedar, ....
2003-05-16 400 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Retro Riders Guildford - Fairhaven - Oak Harbor - Sedro Woolley - Hope - Harrison Hot Springs
1993-06-12 400 Kamloops Cranbrook - Crawford Bay Cranbrook, Creston, Crawford Bay, Wynndel, Yahk.
2012-05-05 400 Lower Mainland Harrison Hot Springs Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, Chilliwack, Ocean Park, Tsawwassen, Chilliwack, Hope, Harrison Hot Springs
2006-07-22 400 Vancouver Island Back Roads Mill Bay, Chemainus, Nanoose Bay, Buckley Bay, Parksville, Ladysmith, Mill Bay.
2001-06-02 400 Lower Mainland Camano Island E4th and Boundary, (Knight and Day) Broadway and Boundary
2012-07-14 400 Vancouver Island Southern Coast
2012-08-25 400 Vancouver Island Half Way to Tofino Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Taylor River rest area, Sproat Lake, Port Alberni, Qualicum Beach, Comox, Merville, Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo.
1998-05-23 400 Lower Mainland Burnaby Lake - La Conner Burnaby Lake
2000-06-10 400 Peace River Whitehorse Whitehorse, Takini, Lake Laberge, Carcross Cuttoff, Jake's Corner, Johnson's Crossing
2014-05-17 400 Lower Mainland Coquitlam - Bellingham - Concrete II Deming, Mount Vernon, Baker Lake, Deming,
2009-05-30 401 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Highway to Helmeken Gateway, Highway 1, (Barriere), (Little Fort), Helmeken Falls, (Little Fort), (Barriere)
401 Lower Mainland #210 C R Tours des Lacs 2005 Vancouver, Hatzic Valley, Harrison Hot Springs, Chilliwack Lake Park, Columbia Valley, Misson, Vancouver
2012-07-07 401 Kamloops Sorrento - Cherryville Sorrento, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Cherryville, Kamloops, Sorrento
2010-05-23 401 Lower Mainland Manning Park (Vancouver start) Boundary at E4th, Cedar Rd Mission, Hope, Manning Park, Hope, Vedder, Langley, Burnaby
2017-09-26 402 Lower Mainland #164 C R Callaghan Pemberton Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler Olympic Park, Whistler, Pemberton Valley
2012-05-05 402 Lower Mainland Marysville Marysville, Stanwood, Darrington, Newhalem, Edison, Ferndale, Abbotsford, Harrison Hotsprings
1998-08-15 402 Lower Mainland Darrington Loop - Maple Ridge Start Maple Ridge, Nugent's Corner, Sedro Woolley, Rockport, Darrington, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Maple Ridge
1996-04-27 403 Vancouver Island #12 Highway to Hell Victoria, Nanaimo, Union Bay, Nanaimo, Victoria.
2003-05-10 403 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Tsawwassen - Marysville Tsawwassen, Bellingham, La Conner, Marysville, Sedro Woolley, Ferndale
403 Vancouver Island Nanaimo - Taylor R - Merville Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Taylor River, Sproat Lake, Port Alberni, Qualicum Beach, Comox, Merville, Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo
2013-05-25 403 Fraser Valley Penticton-Midway-Republic Penticton, Keremeos, Midway, Republic, Tonasket, Penticton
1991-05-25 403 Lower Mainland Manning Park (Surrey start) Guildford Mall Surrey, Abbotsford, Hope, Manning Park Lodge, Hope, Chilliwack, Guildford
2014-08-09 403 Kamloops Kamloops-Revelstoke Gateway Shell, Falkland, Sicamous, Revelstoke, Sorrento, Kamloops
2016-05-21 403 Lower Mainland Callaghan Pemberton 400 Vancouver, Callaghan Valley, Pemberton, Vancouver
2005-08-06 404 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Burnaby - Mt. Baker - Mission Burnaby Lake, Everson, Mt. Baker, Acme, Ferndale, Mission
2002-08-10 404 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Burnaby - Yale North Burnaby, Kilby, Yale, Hope, Chilliwack, Bellingham, Blaine
2003-05-17 404 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Harrison Hopefools Harrison Hot Springs - Hope - Sumas - Burlington - Huntingdon - Hope - Harrison Hot Springs
404 Kamloops #68 C R Shorter Southern Rambles
2013-07-20 404 Vancouver Island Nanaimo-Port Alberni-Courtenay Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Taylor River, Sproat Lake, Port Alberni, Qualicum Beach, Comox, Merville, Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo
2008-05-31 405 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Kamoops - Clinton - Merritt Gateway, (Cache Creek), Clinton, (Cache Creek), (Spences Bridge), Merritt, (5A), Kamloops
2012-05-26 405 Kamloops Kamloops Kelowna Lumby Kamloops Gateway, West Kelowna, Kelowna, Lumby, Kamoops
2010-08-28 405 Kamloops Little Fort Clinton Kamloops, Little Fort, Clinton, Kamloops
2007-08-18 406 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Darrington Loop - Fort Langley Start Fort Langley, Nugents Corner, Rockport, ?, Fairhaven, Nugent;s Corner
1994-06-04 406 Kamloops Kamloops - Lillooet Kamloops, Logan Lake, Merritt, Spences Bridge, Lytton, Lillooet, Pavilion Lakes, Cache Creek, Kamloops
1997-05-24 406 Lower Mainland Whidbey Island (Burnaby Start) Burnaby Lake Sports Complex, Fairhaven, Casey's Cove, Sedro Woolley, Pacific Border Crossing
2003-08-02 406 Lower Mainland Langley - Hope Langley, Huntington, Hope, Mission, Hope, Chilliwack
2011-07-09 407 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Sicamous Revelstoke Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Revelstoke, Kamloops
2002-05-25 407 Lower Mainland Whidbey Island (Langley start) Walnut Grove Park and Ride, Bellingham, Fidalgo Island, Whidbey Island Ferry Landing, Sedro Woolley, Ferndale
2003-05-17 408 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Pasty White Guys Fleche Seattle - Redmond - Fall City - Stanwood - Whitney - Blaine - Abbotsford - Harrison Hot Springs
1993-05-08 409 Vancouver Island Duncan-Campbell River Duncan, Qualicum Beach, Campbell River, Qualicum Beach, Duncan
2013-05-18 410 Lower Mainland Surrey-Bellingham-Anacortes-Whidbey Surrey, Bellingham, Anacortes, Whidbey Island (ferry), Mt. Vernon, Surrey
1992-05-09 410 Vancouver Island Nanaimo-Tofino-Nanaimo Nanaimo, Parksville, Port Alberni, Tofino, Port Alberni, Parksville
2006-05-27 412 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Kamloops - Avola Gateway, Avola, Gateway
2005-09-04 412 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Nelson - New Denver - Trail Nelson, Winlaw, New Denver, Kaslo, Nelson, Salmo, Trail, Castlegar, Nelson
2013-08-10 413 Lower Mainland Coquitlam-Bellingham-Concrete Coquitlam, Nooksack, Edison, Mt. Vernon, Baker Lake, Nooksack, Mission, Coquitlam
2012-05-05 422 Lower Mainland Whiterock Whiterock, Bellingham, Laconner, Sedro Wooley, Concrete, Sedro Wooley, Rosedale, Hope, Harrison Hot Springs
2012-05-05 443 Lower Mainland Burnaby Burnaby, Abbotsford, Hope, Mission, Lynden, Acme, Chilliwack, Harrison Hot Springs
2012-05-05 451 Lower Mainland Burnaby Burnaby, Deroche, Hope, Abbotsford, Mount Vernon, Huntington, Harrison Hot Springs
2003-05-17 529 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Axles of Evil Harrison Hot Springs - Haney - Hope - Sumas - Burlington - Concrete - Sumas - Bridal Veil Falls
1991-06-01 600 Vancouver Island #15 R Victoria-Tofino-Victoria Victoria, Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Tofino, Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Victoria.
1996-06-15 600 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Osoyoos - Vancouver Osoyoos, Penticton, Princeton, Merritt, Spences Bridge, Canyon Alpine, Seabird Island, Vancouver
1992-07-11 600 Fraser Valley New West - New Halem - Marysville - Anacortes New West, Aldergrove, Sedro Woolley, Concrete, New Halem, Rockport, Darrington, Marysville, Stanwood, Conway, (Mt. Vernon), Anacortes, Bellingham, Mission,
1993-07-17 600 Kamloops Kamloops - Merritt - Revelstoke Kamloops, Merritt, Kamloops, Revelstoke, Kamloops
2012-06-02 600 Lower Mainland Abbotsford - Merritt - Hedley Abbotsford, Hope, Merritt, Princeton, Hedley, Princeton, Hope, Abbotsford
2011-04-14 600 Vancouver Island Chemainus-CR-Shawnigan-Chemainus
1999-06-19 600 Kamloops Valemount Heffley Creek, Blue River, Valemount
2010-08-07 600 Vancouver Island Ripple Rock Ramble Victoria, Cheaminus, Nanaimo, Comox, Campbell River, Courtney, Parksville, South Nanaimo, Victoria.
2014-08-23 600 Lower Mainland Coquitlam - Princeton - Merritt Coquitlam, Mission, Popkum, Manning, Princeton, Merritt, Hope, Mission, Coquitlam
2003-08-23 600 Lower Mainland Marblemount Monroe Maple Ridge, Mission, Kendall, Sedro Woolley, Marblemount/New Halem, Darrington, Granite Falls, Monroe, Arlington, Fairhaven, Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge
601 Kamloops Sorrento - Merritt - Princeton - Vernon Sorrento, Merritt, Princeton, Keremeos, Okanagan Falls, Penticton, Vernon
2020-08-22 601 Lower Mainland Tsawwassen-Tsawwassen-Tsawwassen Tsawwassen (start), Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Emory Creek Park Rd, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Tsawwassen, Westham Island, Derby Reach Regional Park, Sumas Mt Rd, Abbotsford, Glen Valley Regional Park, Tsawwassen (finish)
2000-08-26 601 Lower Mainland Abbotsford-Newhalem-Arlington-Oak Hrbr Burnaby, Abbotsford, Sedro Wooley, Newhalem, Darrington, Arlington, Oak Harbour, Bellingham, Mission
2014-06-07 601 Kamloops Williams Lake - Nimpo Lake Williams Lake, Nimpo Lake, Williams Lake
2001-08-25 603 Lower Mainland Darrington Loop Maple Ridge, Nugent's Corner, Marblemount, Arlington, Bellingham, Huntington, Hope, Chilliwack, MR
1994-06-11 603 Lower Mainland Carnation Lougheed Mall, Mission, Sedro Woolley, Darrington, Granite Falls, Carnation, Monroe, Sedro Woolley, Mission, Coquitlam
2002-06-01 603 Vancouver Island East Coaster Nanaimo, Parksville, Campbell River, Parksville, Port Alberni, Parksville, Lake Cowichan, Mill Bay, Nanaimo
2010-09-02 603 Lower Mainland Abbotsford-Cache Creek
2006-08-26 603 Lower Mainland Maple Ridge - Arlington - Anacortes Maple Ridge, Sumas, Kendall, Sedro Woolley, Marblemount, Arlington, Stanwood, Anacortes, Ferndale, Maple Ridge
2012-07-07 604 Kamloops Sorrento-Blue River Sorrento, Barriere, Blue River, Barriere, Sorrento
2002-06-08 604 Lower Mainland Abbotsford - Abbotsford - Abbotsford Abbotsford, Hope, Boston Bar, Mission, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Hope, Chilliwack
2005-06-11 604 Kamloops Kamloops - Williams Lake Gateway Shell, Cache Creek, Williams Lake, Lone Butte, Kamloops
2002-06-15 604 Kamloops Nelson 600 Nelson, Balfour, Creston, Salmo, Trail, Castlegar, Salmo, Nelson, Winlaw, New Denver, Kaslo, Nelson
2013-05-25 605 Vancouver Island Chemainus - Ucluelet - Courtenay - Duncan Chemainus, Qualicum Beach, Port Alberni, Ucluelet, Port Alberni, Qualicum Beach, Courtenay, Qualicum Beach, Duncan, Chemainus
2010-06-12 605 Kamloops Shorter Southern Rambles Penticton, Glenrosa, Merritt, Barcello Road past Keremeos, Black Sage Road, Twin Lakes, OK Falls, Penticton
2010-08-28 605 Kamloops Blue River Kamloops, Clearwater, Blue River, Valemount, Blue River, Clearwater, Kamloops
2013-06-08 606 Kamloops Vernon-Naskusp-Revelstoke-Kamloops-Armstrong Vernon, Nakusp, Revelstoke, Kamloops, Armstrong, Vernon
2011-07-16 606 Vancouver Island Renfrew Ramble Esquimalt, Port Renfrew, Lake Cowichan, Chemainus, Qualicum Beach, Courtenay, Ladysmith, Elk Lake, Vic West
607 Lower Mainland Furry Creek, Canyon Alpine Furry Creek, Capilano, Deep Cove, Canyon Alpine
2015-06-06 607 Kamloops Princeton Clockwise
2003-08-09 608 Lower Mainland Burnaby - Dogwood - Princeton - HHS Burnaby, Mission, Dogwood, Hope, Manning, Princeton, Manning, Hope, Harrison Hot Springs, Chilliwack, Mission, Burnaby
2012-05-26 608 Vancouver Island Esquimalt - Renfrew - Coombs - Qualicum Esquimalt, Port Renfrew, Lake Cowichan, Chemainus, Coombs, Comox, Qualicum Beach, Ladysmith, Esquimalt
2013-07-20 608 Kamloops Kamloops-Princeton-Salmon Arm Kamloops, Merritt, Princeton, Keremeos, Okanagan Falls, Armstrong, Sorrento
1993-08-14 608 Lower Mainland Fort Langley - Arlington Fort Langley, Silver Lake, Glacier, Arlington, Fairhaven, Fort Langley, Abbotsford, Hope, Abbotsford
2008-05-31 608 Vancouver Island Northward Ho Campbell River, Buckley Bay, Campbell River, Sayward, Woss, Port Hardy, Woss, Sayward
1990-01-01 609 Lower Mainland Sultan (Denny's) SW Marine Dr Vancouver, Nugent's Corner, Sedro Wooley, Darrington, Marysville, Sultan, Mt. Vernon, Bellingham, Mission
2006-05-27 611 Vancouver Island Pacific Rim - Campbell River Parksville, Port Alberni, Tofino, Port Alberni, Lantzville, Qualicum Beach, Willow Point
1995-05-27 612 Lower Mainland Enumclaw Fort Langley, Sedro Woolley, Granite Falls, Issaquah, Enumclaw, Issaquah, Monroe, SW
614 Lower Mainland #192 C R Duffey Lake Loop Burnaby, Squamish, Pemberton, Lillooet, Lyton, Hope, east of Mission, Hatzic Valley, Burnaby
672 Lower Mainland Coquihalla Summit Coquihalla Summit, Concrete, Arlington, Huntingdon, Deroche, Vedder Crossing, Hope, Harrison Hot Springs
2003-05-17 687 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Spinnin' All Night Cayuse Pass, Snoqualmie Falls, Harrison Hot Springs
1972-01-01 1000 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Calgary to Vancouver
2020-09-11 1000 Lower Mainland Lac Le Jeune 1000km
1994-07-12 1000 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Rogers Pass - Mortlach SK Glacier Campground (near Roger's Pass), Golden, West Lake Louise Lodge, Canmore, Calgary, Strathmore, Brooks, Medicine Hat, Gull Lake, Swift Current, Mortlach
2020-09-04 1000 Kamloops Goat going Chase, Barriere, Clearwater, Blue River, Valemount, McBride, Goat River
2018-06-16 1000 Vancouver Island Victoria - Gold River Victoria - Gold River - Victoria
1990-01-01 1000 Kamloops Tappen-Lk Louise-Japser-Kamloops Tappen, Revelstoke, Golden, Roger's Pass, Lake Louise, Jasper, Tete Jaune Cache, Clearwater, Kamloops
1990-01-01 1000 Lower Mainland Whidbey Island (Border Crossing start) Douglas border crossing, Bellingham, Clinton, Oak Harbour, Anacortes, Bellingham, Canadian border
2011-06-18 1000 Vancouver Island Parksville-Port Hardy-Youbou-Parksville Parksville, Courtenay, Campbell River, Sayward, Woss, Port Hardy, Woss, Sayward, CR, Courtenay, Parksville, Nanaimo, Duncan, Youbou, Cowichan Bay, Parksville
2003-06-20 1000 Lower Mainland Abbotsford-Williams Lake Abbotsford, Hope, Boston Bar, Spences Bridge, Cache Creek, 100 Mile House, Williams Lake
2009-08-02 1000 Lower Mainland Vancouver to Bella Coola Vancouver/Burnaby, Mission, Hope, Boston Bar, Spences Bridge, Cache Creek, 70 Mile, 100 Mile, William's Lake, Riske Creek, Alexis Creek, Redstone Flat, Tatla Creek, Kleena Kleena, Anahim Lake, Stuie, Hagensborg, Bella Coola
2015-07-04 1000 Kamloops Loopy Interior
2002-08-30 1000 Lower Mainland Abbotsford to Boise
1989-06-15 1000 Lower Mainland Vancouver to Calgary over Coquihalla Tsawwassen, Deroche, Hope, Merritt, Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Revelstoke, Golden, Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary
2012-09-01 1001 Lower Mainland Coquitlam - Little Fort - Pemberton 0 Coquitlam: Como Lake Park 62 Matsqui 149 Hope 266 Merritt (via Coquihalla) 364 Kamloops (via 5A) 459 Little Fort 588 70 Mile House 724 Lillooet 822 Pemberton (via Duffy Lake Road) 915 Squamish 1001 Coquitlam
1990-08-03 1001 Lower Mainland Vancouver to Calgary through Canyon Broadway and Granville, Seabird, Canyon Alpine, Spences Bridge, Cache Creek, Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Revelstoke, Golden, Lake Louise, Banff, Ghost Lake
2017-09-02 1002 Lower Mainland Northwoods Bound South Langley, Birch Bay, Lummi, Edison, Redmond, Eatonville, Cispus Learning Center, Northwoods, Eatonville, Woodinville, Lummi, South Langley
1998-06-19 1002 Kamloops Williams Lake to Bella Coola Williams Lake, info control at 45 km, Williams Lake, Alexis Creek, Tatla Lake, Bella Coola, Tatla Lake, Alexis Creek, Williams Lake
1979-08-05 1003 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club Surrey - Kalama Walnut Grove, Sedro Woolley, Redmond, ?, Centralia, Kalama, Centralia, Enumclaw, Redmond, Sedro Woolley, Canada/US border
2011-06-18 1003 Lower Mainland Two Dam Far White Rock, Grand Coulee Dam, WA
2002-08-29 1003 Lower Mainland Vernon There and Back Poco, Hope, Merritt via #5, Kamloops via #5a, Okanagan Landing, Kamloops, Cache Creek, Boston Bar, Hope, Chilliwack, Mission, Poco
2009-09-05 1003 Lower Mainland Full Circle Vancouver, Hope, Princeton, Merritt, Logan Lake, Cache Creek, Lillooet, Whistler, Vancouver
1004 Lower Mainland #191 C R Salmon Arm Vancouver, Mission, Agassiz, Hope, Merrit, Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Kamloops, Cache Creek, Spences Bridge, Boston Bar, Seabird Island, Mission, Vancouver
2005-07-30 1004 Lower Mainland Peace Arch - St. Helens White Rock, Conway, Granite Falls, Enumclaw, Centralia, St. Helen's, Enumclaw, Granite Falls, Conway
1987-01-01 1004 Lower Mainland Willy's Puddle Haney (or Abbotsford), Seabird, Canyon Alpine, Spences Bridge, Cache Creek, 100 Mile, Williams Lake, 100 Mile, Cache Creek, Spences Bridge, Canyon Alpine, Seabird, Haney (or Abbotsford)
2003-06-20 1004 Kamloops Crowsnest 1000 Vancouver, Deroche, Hope, Princeton, Osoyoos, Grand Forks, Castlegar, Creston, Cranbrook, Fernie, Coleman
2005-09-04 1005 Kamloops Kootenay 1000 Fruitvale, New Denver, Revelstoke, Golden, Radium Hotsprings, Cranbrook, Creston, Nelson, Fruitvale
2008-06-21 1006 Lower Mainland Gold Rush Trail Vancouver, Hope, Lillooet, 100 Mile House, Lillooet, Dogwood, Vancouver
2003-08-01 1006 Lower Mainland Mountains and Desert 4th & Boundary, Mission, Sedro Woolley, Granite Falls, Skykomish, Chelan, Osoyoos, Princeton, Hope, Mission
2010-06-05 1006 Vancouver Island Upsy - Downsy Victoria, Port Renfrew, Sidney, Victoria, Tofino, Victoria
2014-09-05 1007 Vancouver Island #129 6 hump camel Lots
2006-06-17 1007 Lower Mainland Barriere W 10th Ave, Mission, Seabird, Yale, Canyon Alpine, Spences Bridge, Merritt, Kamloops, Barriere, Kamloops, Cache Creek, Spences Bridge, Canyon Alpine, Seabird, Mission, W 10th
2014-05-17 1008 Lower Mainland Lowlands 1000 White Rock, Edison, Camano Island, Mount Vernon, White Rock, Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, Abbotsford, White Rock, Sedro Woolley, Concrete, Kendall, White Rock
2015-06-20 1009 Lower Mainland Volcano 1000 Vancouver, Blaine, Monroe, Cumberland, EatonVille, Randle, Northwoods, Carson, Sisters, Eugene
2008-08-30 1012 Kamloops Kamloops Kootenay Kamloops, Kelowna, Rock Creek, Salmo, Kaslo, Nakusp, Sicamous, Kamloops
2004-07-31 1014 Kamloops Prince Rupert to Williams Lake Prince Rupert, Terrace, New Hazelton, Smithers, Houston, Burns Lake, Francois Lake, Fraser Lake, Vanderhoof, Prince George, Hixon, Quesnel, McLeese Lake, Williams Lake
2004-06-19 1017 Kamloops Squirrel on a Stick Cranbrook, Fernie, Elkford, Beaver Mines, Waterton, Pincher Cr, Longview, Fortress Jctn, Canmore, Radium, Kimberley, Cranbrook
2002-06-21 1018 Lower Mainland Switchback 1000 Vancouver, Squamish, Pemberton, Lillooet, Lytton, Hope, Merritt, Logan Lake, Merritt, Princeton, Hope, Mission
2000-09-01 1022 Lower Mainland Okanagan Loop Coquitlam, Seabird, Boston Bar, Vernon, Penticton, Princeton, Hope, Seabird, Coquitlam
2005-06-18 1120 Lower Mainland Vancouver to Vancouver Vancouver, Sumas, Sedro Woolley, (Snohomish), Bellevue, Centralia, (Longview), Vancouver, (Longview), Centralia, Bellevue, (Snohomish), Sedro Woolley, Sumas, Vancouver
1971-01-01 1200 British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club #1000 Dawson Creek - Vancouver 1200
2016-07-25 1200 Kamloops Rocky Mountain Reverse
2000 Lower Mainland Abbotsford 2000 Kamloops, Tete Jaune, Prince George, Fraser Lake, Abbotsford