Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
DuFeu, Dan 33:08 Single 119280
Mighton, Kristy 30:25 Single 109500
Nichol, Ross 37:30 Single 135000
Szarecki, Maciej 37:30 Single 135000

Route Notes

  • I've only had a chance to preride the route up to Nanaimo (168km). The route is pretty much as it was in 2014, except for some minor routing to adjust for the start/finish location.

  • The turnaround in Campbell River will be at the Tim Horton's just past the ferry terminals. It's a few km past the Ripple Rock... and up a small hill as you enter CR. :) You need to make it all the way there to make the proper brevet distance!

  • The Pat Bay Hwy section is under construction however pavement is complete and it is quite nice to ride on. That said, there are no lines yet and thus there is no marked shoulder. Stay as far as reasonable to the right.

  • Use extra caution on the highway, especially near on/off ramps and on the Malahat descents. Two areas of special note are: -- Southbound out of Nanaimo (km 488). Watch as the bypass merges into the highway. There are 2 lanes of fast highway traffic coming from the right. -- Southbound Malahat approaching Goldstream (km 579-584): Shoulder narrows on this last descent and often has small gravel/debris. Traffic is also not usually very kind here. Use caution.

  • The turn onto Watkiss way from Helmcken (at the hospital), has a rather sudden curb that separates the bike lane from the regular traffic lane. It could be a danger if you're not expecting it. You need to follow the green (bike lane) or stay in the regular traffic lane for the full turn.