What do these numbers mean?

This report attempts to give an overview of volunteer contributions.
Points are given:

  • for every event with more than 1 rider
  • 1 per event volunteered
  • 2.5 per event organized, 4 if it's the fl├Ęche, 6 if it's a populaire
  • +0.5 per every 20 people at the event
Populaires with multiple distances are double counted due to their effort. We don't count events with only one rider.
As with any club, other behind the scenes work is not accounted for such as the exec or their helpers.

Volunteers for 2018

Name Points Events
Will Danicek 13.0 Early Bird, Pacific Populaire*, Canada Day Populaire*
Dave Macmurchie 7.0 The Once Over, Cowichan Populaire*
Roxanne Stedman 7.0 Victoria Populaire*, The Once Over
Michael Croy 5.5 New Year's Populaire*, Chili 200*
Bob Goodison 5.0 It's hardly a ramble if we start in Penticton*, Crazy 8 300*
John Oswald 4.0 Whistler Gran Rando, Seriously...Spuzzum?!? 400*
Malou Ignacio 4.0 Whistler Gran Rando, Seriously...Spuzzum?!? 400*
Chris Cullum 4.0 Whistler Gran Rando*, Seriously...Spuzzum?!? 400
Manfred Kuchenmuller 3.5 Early Bird*
Stephen Hinde 3.5 The Once Over, PentaC Cruise 400*
Mikael Jansson 2.5 Spring 200*
Brynne Croy 2.5 New Year's Populaire*
Melissa Haynes 2.5 The Once Over*
Paul Van Wersch 2.5 Sunshine Coast 200*
Steven Croy 2 New Year's Populaire, Chili 200
Susan Goodison 2 It's hardly a ramble if we start in Penticton, Crazy 8 300
Carol Hinde 2 The Once Over, PentaC Cruise 400
Steve Mahovlic 2 Spring 200, The Once Over
Robert Koen 1 Early Bird
Nigel Press 1 Whistler Gran Rando
Danelle Laidlaw 1 Pacific Populaire
Rosemary Lee 1 Chili 200
Holland Gidney 1 Chili 200
Gary Baker 1 Early Bird
Cheryl Lynch 1 Whistler Gran Rando
Margaret Moreau 1 Early Bird
Ali Holt 1 Early Bird
Eric Fergusson 1 Seriously...Spuzzum?!? 400
Alard Malek 1 Early Bird
Roy Neifer 1 Early Bird
Michael Tilitzky 1 Chili 200
Dave King 1 Sunshine Coast 200
Larry Burns 1 The Once Over
Mark Payten 1 The Once Over
Roger Holt 1 Early Bird
Philip Lennox 1 Spring 200
* - event organizer