Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Kok, E. W. (Wim) 9:43 Single 34980


You need to submit your registration AT LEAST THREE (3) DAYS prior to your specified start date.

Registration includes a new upload process for both an Annual Covid Waiver and an Annual Event Waiver directly to BC Randonneurs database.  Once these Annual waivers have been verified by the Registration team, your waiver requirements are covered for this event and all others you may ride in 2020.  You will also be prompted to login to the BC Randonneurs database to register. If you have any questions or difficulty with this new process, please contact us at

The official ACP date for this event is the 29th of August. However, due to the Covid situation, ACP has allowed our members to ride the event starting on any day within a defined Ride Window, which for this event is:

'Peace August' 200 RIDE WINDOW:   Friday 28 August to Sunday 31 August

You may attempt the ride only once during the Ride Window.  No second chances allowed if you DNF (except in extraordinary circumstances).

It is not ‘business as usual’, as you will know from having reviewed our new Covid-19 Rules.  Follow the rules.  They support a careful restart to our sport, while protecting communities and respecting measures to slow the spread of Covid-19.