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Ride Date Event Group Distance Region
2017-04-22 The Once Over 300 Vancouver Island
2017-06-03 Cowichan Populaire (organizer) 100 Vancouver Island
2017-06-24 Peace to Parliament 200 Randos Go Touring 200 Vancouver Island

Brevet Results

Ride Date Event Type Group Dist. Region Homolgation Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
2017-09-24 Fall Islander ACPB 200 Vancouver Island 588216 DNF Single 999999998

Permanent Results

Individual Permanent Statistics for 2017
Ride Date Event Distance Region Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
2017-07-26 Pacific Shoreline 201 Vancouver Island 11:00 v Single 39600
* - Volunteering data is incomplete especially pre-2004.