Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bonner, Kenneth 19:20 Single 69600000
Fast, Willi 19:30 Single 70200000
Fingler, Colin 19:30 Single 70200000
Mann, Michael 22:50 Single 82200000
Minter, Dave 22:50 Single 82200000
Tilitzky, Michael 19:30 Single 70200000
White, David 19:30 Single 70200000

This is essentially the same route that was used previously, but there have been some changes to the first control in Qualicum Beach (due to popular request) and to the information control in Merville (due to vandalism). This route has a fairly hilly first 200km with 2100m climbing, but only 1250m climbing over the last 200km. It passes old growth forest, lakes, oceans, farmland, and for fast riders, you can tour a National Historical site. All riders can enjoy the trees at the snack bar at McLean Mill.