Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Guzman, Jaime 23:54 VP Single 86040
Hagen, Mike 17:56 Single 64560
Martinez, Vera DNF Single 999999998
Szarecki, Maciej DNF Single 999999998

Notes from pre-ride Thursday August 3:

Here are the main points from the pre-ride: 1. It starts at 3:00 am. This way you can enjoy sunrise in the Sea to Sky with sparse traffic. 2. The route has changed. The Whistler bike trails are out, Alta Lake Road is in. 3. There is just one staffed control at 135.7K (parking lot at end of Callaghan Valley Road). 4. It may be smokey. Strenuous outdoor exercise is not recommended when air pollution is high. 5. This route is a climber’s delight. Enjoy all that climbing, bring a vest/jacket for the descents. 6. There is only one spot with road construction in Whistler but bikes can get through. 7. As always, mind the rumble strips and rain drains in the Sea to Sky.