Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Beese, Mark 11:18 Single 40680
Cojocaru, Alex 11:55 Single 42900
Davies, Jonathon DNF Single 999999998
Harrington, Will 11:18 Single 40680
Hodgins, Jim DQ Single 999999996
Hossack, Étienne 12:54 VP Single 46440
Itterman, Corey 12:54 VP Single 46440
Korver, Juliet DQ Single 999999996
Lachance, Raymond DNF Single 999999998
McLean, Bruce DNF Single 999999998
Simpson, Daniel 12:44 Single 45840

Route Description

This route is HARD. On the pre-ride we were close to the cut-off times. If it rains, the route will be something safer.

What's in store?

You will encounter:

  • Steep hills (like, fall over backwards steep)
  • Long hills (mountains!)
  • Quiet bike routes
  • Busy bike routes
  • A short staircase (necessary for those steep hill hunting!)
  • A short gravel climb (200m, completed on 23mm tires)
  • Obscenely huge houses. Pools, tennis courts, Italianate decorations
  • Incredible views of the city

Start Finish

The start is not the same as the finish. But at least it's a pub!
Believe me, I tried, but you'll have to get a lift or plan the extra kms home..

Notes on timing

Because the route is so challenging, finishers will be required to show a GPS track or file to get official recognition of their ride if they want a posted time under 9.5 hours - otherwise expect your ride to have taken 10hrs :-)

(if this presents a barrier due to lack of GPS device, let the organizer Étienne know)


DO NOT DELAY. Controls open really early, but close based on riding 15kms/hr. If you climb slower than that (you probably will), you won't have much time to rest. Take heed!
There will be a manned control at Eagle Mountain and potentially in Deep Cove.

Water is convenient at:

  • water fountains in Moody Park and Deep Cove
  • the gas station/complex at Seymour Pkwy/Seymour Rd
  • Top of SFU and Grouse
  • Cypress Bathrooms (south of lodge)

See the route here: RideWithGPS