Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Benard, Jacquetta 11:25 Single 41100
Buchanan, Glen 9:08 Single 32880
Campbell, Dave 9:58 Single 35880
Cundiff, Don 9:18 Single 33480
DeBolt, Susan 11:25 Single 41100
Eder, Mikel 11:00 Single 39600
Fillinger, Ian 7:16 Single 26160
Goodison, Bob 8:17 Single 29820
Hackinen, Meaghan 7:38 Single 27480
Heath, Joe 10:49 Single 38940
Janicki, Ed 8:16 Single 29760
Menu, Fred 9:52 Single 35520
Nickerson, Peter 9:52 Single 35520
Philippsen, Norman 8:16 Single 29760
Van der Ree, Connie 11:00 Single 39600
Wenger, Shawn 7:48 Single 28080

Wow! We had a beautiful sunny day for the Interior Logan Lake 200. Never mind that we had to scrape ice off the windshield before driving to the start, or that we had headwinds for +- 75 % of the ride. The route was beautiful, as always, but the winds combined with the 2200m-ish vertical made for one very challenging ride. Everyone's ride took longer than expected.

It was great to see several riders who had not done a brevet for several years, and welcome a few for their first 200. Very, very strong rides by Ian Fillinger, Meaghan Hackinen and Shawn Wenger, leaving the rest of us in their dust. This despite Shawn being hit by a car early in the ride. Score: Shawn 1, car mirror zero, although she will likely have a mirror-shaped bruise on her butt. Duffy's Pub welcomed us at the finish, where we enjoyed great food and adult recovery beverages. Lesson for organizers : If a ride is difficult, make sure the last few kms are downhill to a pub. You will be forgiven.