The pre-ride is complete. The route has been tweaked to give you the best Greater Victoria can offer in 75 km.

At the time of the pre-ride the trails were mostly in good condition. There are several places on the Colquitz River Trail and the access trail to Nicholson Street at the 54 km mark where the loose gravel was a little sketchy with my 28mm tires. I walked the 20 or so metres of the latter. There is also construction on Wharf Street downtown where they are preparing for the cycle track installation. Use caution when taking the lane.

The planned mid-morning coffee stop will be at UVic at the Mystic Market in University Centre. Because it is exam time only the coffee shop and General Store will be open. Our bikes will be in secure bike parking under the building. This is where the Spokes bike loan Program operates from. We will be receiving a short tour conducted by one of our fellow randonneurs who volunteers for this program.

And then it is back to Elk/Beaver Lake the long way through Ten Mile Point, over the ridge in Cordova Bay and along the west side of the lake.

Click here for the RideWithGPS event link

Come early. We will have the entry form/waivers and membership forms for you to sign. The new club protocol indicates that the forms to be signed must be the ones presented by the ride organizer.

See you on Saturday at Beaver Lake.

Vancouver Island is trying a new concept. Instead of the usual VicPop, we are organizing an Audax style social ride for club members only (hint: membership is available online for $10).

An Audax event is a little different to our usual rides--riders are organized into teams, and the team captain sets a (predetermined) pace and the team ride together.

The route will involve a number of local trails and bike paths, so blistering speeds are not feasible. Once the final route is set, targets for average speed will be provided, but overall pace (all stops included) will likely be in the 18-22 kph range for each group.

In keeping with the Audax tradition, a meal break will be scheduled mid-ride to allow teams to regroup and socialize. Snacks will be provided at the finish.

Admittedly this is an experiment, but we believe that the event will be a lot of fun.

Look to our FaceBook page and our Yahoo discussion group for further updates.