Once again, the LM Summer 1000 will be a challenging route: 1000+ km, 14,000 meters of climbing! The highlights are going to be the Duffy Lake climb out of Mount Currie (1075 m elevation gain in 14 km, average grade 7.5%); the stretch from Spences Bridge to past Logan Lake which climbs fairly steadily gaining 1000 m over 110 km; the 38 km long Tunkwa Lake Road between Logan Lake and Savona, mostly downhill, but rough chip seal; the Highway 97C climb out of Merritt (500 m elevation gain in 10 km, average grade 5%); and Highway 3 from Princeton to Hope through Manning Park, featuring Sunday Summit and Alison Pass.

One could break the route fairly smoothly into a three day 350 - 350 - 300 scheme with stops at Lytton or Spences Bridge, Merritt, and Chilliwack or Abbotsford. A four day 350 - 300 - 250 - 100 scheme is possible with stops at Spences Bridge, Merritt, and Agassiz. You will be on your own for booking motels, if interested you will need to secure well in advance.