Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Chase, Barry DNF Single 999999998
Goodison, Bob 59:26 Single 213960

A simple out-and back from Chase to Goat River, 40 km north of McBride. All highway, but mostly with a good shoulder and reasonable traffic. It looks easy based on the total elevation gain, but anyone who has ridden the Valemount 600 knows how difficult it can be. Overnights work out nicely at Valemount and Blue River. I have taken the route off the highway where possible, but if riders wish to stay on the highway instead, I'm ok with that- for example, if you are a princess and don't want to ride 9 cattleguards in each direction on Shuswap Rd,(for a total of 18). I have been told it is ok to park along the South (Railroad) side of 2 Ave. in Chase. It is also possible to park in the RV parking area of the mall by Safety Mart Foods. This will be a pleasant, if unexciting route, chosen because it is the best way I can think of to run a 1000 km and stay away from large amounts of people, while maintaining available services every 100 km or so.