Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Chase, Barry 9:40 Single 34800
Goodison, Bob 8:13 Single 29580
Kok, E. W. (Wim) 9:04 Single 32640

Notes from Ride Organizer Bob:  This is a fun route with minimal highway. A few notes from when I rode it in May: There is a "Y" intersection where Schoolhouse Rd. goes off of Deep Creek Rd. The first side of it has no sign, but the second side it does. Schoolhouse Rd. is gravel for 1 km, and the lowest part of it was quite soft when I rode it in May. Watch for sinkholes on te shoulder of Hwy 97A.

Please park on the East  (fairgrounds) side  of 5th St SW


Registration is now closed for the “Mabel in the Middle” 200, but restricted to only 20 riders, all who must have successfully ridden at least one brevet in 2019.  The ride window is set for July 4 and 5.  This event will be used as a test of the new processes and also serve as an ‘on-the-road’ evaluation of our new Rules.  Use the link below to register for the ride.  


Check out the start slots available and who is registered for which start time at: Event 4690 Start Time Grid

Contact if you have any q's.