Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Benard, Jacquetta DNF Single 999999998
Bilinski, Jacques 9:31 Single 34260
Chase, Barry 10:40 Single 38400
Fillinger, Ian 7:04 Single 25440
Goodison, Bob 9:31 Single 34260
Hall, Rob 9:35 Single 34500

The McLure Ferry is currently not running. It may be running by the ride date, but Drive BC says next update is April 1. To avoid uncertainty and last minute route changes, we will not be crossing on the ferry, and the Westsyde Rd. section will be out-and-back. The good: less highway. The bad: The return on the 7 km long 4 lane section of Westsyde Rd. is busy and not fun. The sidewalk on the East side of Westsyde Rd. is designated as a shared pathway, so if you are uncomfortable with the traffic you can use that. Be aware that it has lots of curbs, cracks, runners and walkers  with and without dogs.

I did not take us through Riverside Park on the Rivers Trail as that early in the morning Lorne St. has little traffic, and the trail is closed in places due to construction. Be aware of a very dangerous angled railroad crossing on Lorne St.  All of the  cattleguards have wider bars welded on for bikes- the ones on Shuswap Rd. are REALLY wide. The left turn onto Shuswap Rd. can be tricky. Sometimes it is best to exit right  and cross with the Shuswap Rd. traffic.  There is some broken pavement on Shuswap Rd. that has been filled in with gravel. Road shoulders were relatively clean with the exception of  from the Halston Bridge to Shuswap Rd.