Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Goodison, Bob 8:10 Single 29400
Koen, Bob 12:52 Single 46320

This is the classic Silver Triangle route but in the reverse direction. Old roads will seem like new roads. The reason for calling it the Frog and Toad 200 will remain a myustery but all will be revealed when doing the ride.


I hope to make a small change at Crescent Valley after doing a pre-ride. There is a nice paved rail trail there but I am not yet sure that there is convenient access to it from the highway. Also I will change the direction of the route if it is stinking hot on the day of the ride. That would be to avoid doing the New Denver hill in the afternoon heat if it is too hot to make that a reasonable option. The ride finishes 11 km up from Kaslo. Riders will still need to ride that 11 km downhill but not on the clock.