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Goodison, Bob DNF Single 999999998

I had hoped to run a new, reversed direction Monashee Loop, but the there are no affordable motels in Salmon Arm (380 km) at this time of year. I will try to run it as the spring 600 in 2024.


Instead, we will use the Cent Cinquante 600: 150 Mile House Via Green Lake, returning through Horse Lake and Highway 24. It was popular when we ran it last year, and there was lots of tailwind. The first half is hilly, but last year we had lots of tailwinds. A sleep stop works out nicely at 100 Mile House (385km). I suggest checking into your motel on the way north and dropping off some food, because by the time you return, the only food option will be 7/11.  If riding through, there will be nothing open between 100 Mile(385km) and Barriere (518km).