** Cancelled due to BC Fire Situation ** 21 Aug 2023

I had planned to use the new Alberta Bound route, but decided that since it is so close after PBP and may interst several riders, I would delay the use of it until next year. 


Next, I planned to use a reversed version of the Chase Kootenay that was run in 2021. Unfortunately, something big must be happening in or near Kaslo, as there are no rooms available. On to Plan C- Or are we now up to Plan D. Whatever. It seems there are rooms available in Grand Forks and Nakusp, so it will be run in the same direction as 2021 (fire situation permitting). There will be a few minor changes to the route.  Completely unsupported.


The ride will start at the wharf at Memorial Park in Chase. No overnight parking at the park, but I was told we can park on the soutth side of 2nd Avenue.


Alternate start points will be allowed but those using that option will be responsible for modifying their own route sheets and control cards. Route sheet will be posted by the end of August.