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Last run in 2013. A hlly, but quiet and scenic route. There are no services in Brookmere, so make sure to stock up in Merritt (about 87 km with no services).  I have not ridden 5A or Coldwater Rd. recently. We drove Coldwater Road from where it crosses the Coq. to the turnaround at the end of the pavement, and it alternates between rough chipseal and smooth new pavement. Some potholes and loose sand/gravel, but no traffic, so easy to go around. 

Logan Lake (250km) has a grocery store that closes at 7:00PM, and two gas station/convenience stores.  The Esso closes at 9PM, and the Petro Can closes at 10PM. There is a small mall just north of the Petro Can that has a courtyard with two vending machines that have drinks, but no food. If you expect to be finishing after sunset, please be aware that the last 25 to 30 km are all downhill, and you may be very cold- make sure you have enough warm clothing.