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Goodison, Bob 35:29 VP Single 127740
Mudrakoff, Jeff 38:14 Single 137640

 If requested, it will be posible to do an alternate start in Kelowna or Merritt.  Starting in Merritt means that one would hit the Okanagan Rails to Trails at about 260km.  I would hesitate to ride this section solo in the dark as there could be safety issues due to homeless camps. If you get there in the dark,I would suggest using Hwy 97 from Bulman Road to Enterprise, then Enterprise to Spall, right on Spall, Left on Bernard and right on Water to access the control.


Please note route sheet and RWGPS have been updated since the preride. I  clarified and simplified some things, removed some steep nasty hills in West Kelowna.


The classic Kelowna- Princeton- Merritt- Kamloopos Loop, clockwise, with some changes. Overnight at Keremeos (Km 339. There is also a motel just past Hedley (about 371km). Fast riders may want to overnight in Princeton (404km). Make sure to stock up at the Canco convenience store (256.9km), because the next store is about 75 km, with a fair bit of climbing.


Notes from the preride- I took us off Dallas Drive a bit sooner as the gravel path and little bridge seem to no longer exist, and riders starting in Kelowna will likely hit that section in the dark. There seem to be multiple ways through Polson Park in Vernon, all of which will take you where you need to go- just stay between Hwys 97 and 6. The Canco at the turnoff to Tuc el Nuit has great samosas. Keremeos worked out well for me as an overnight, and I just caught the Subway which closes at 9PM. Hwy 97C has a wide shoulder in good condition, but there are places where it has a lot of gravel on the shoulder.  I encountered some brief rain squalls and some major winds which were favourable about half the time. Be prepared for major fluctuations in teperature- it was +2C in Princeton at 8AM.  Except for the short sections of Hwy 97 in the Kelowna area I found it to be a very peaceful and pleasant ride- despite my off route excursion to buy a new tire (note to self- if you think a tire has one more ride in it, DO NOT MAKE IT A 600!!)