Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Benard, Jacquetta 38:05 Single 137100
Goodison, Bob 37:08 Single 133680
Press, Nigel 34:05 Single 122700

I suggest stocking up at Franks Store in Cherryville (53 km) as your next opportunity will be at Fauquier (140 km), and you have a lot of climbing in between. Keep in mind that no extra time is allowed for the ferries (Needles-Fauquier every 30 minutes 5:15 AM to 9:45 PM, Galena Bay- Shelter Bay every hour, on the half hour). See DriveBC for more details. It would be a good idea to pause your GPS while on the ferries, as the ferry distance is not included on the route sheet. Sicamous works out well for an overnight at about 360 km. Salmon Arm would be good too, about 30 km further. This route needs to have a little extra diversion to be long enough, and this time around I have chosen to give us a break from Highway 1 at 415.5 km through White Lake Road, about 20km west of Salmon Arm. Watch for the turn at the bottom of the hill just past Carlin School.

I strongly recommend bringing warm clothing and mosquito repellent. Also note that in classic Interior fashion, the route has NOT been pre-ridden.