Pre ride completed.
- km 27 approx. Some construction on Jacklin Rd replacing water main. Work moves but is single lane alternating traffic for about 100m. - km 92.8 Construction on Beach near Estevan. Ignore local traffic only sign and use walk on grass to bypass construction (about 20m). - km 168.2 R Aldous. Do not miss this. You have a good tuck coming down Amity so don't get carried away! - km 180.9 L Santa Clara. Do not miss this. Road is just after the crest of hill and hidden by trees. Don't get carried away on the downhill!


Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bonner, Kenneth 10:14 Single 36840000
Gidney, Holland 10:39 Single 38340000
Hinde, Stephen 10:39 Single 38340000
Karlen, Dean 9:10 Single 33000000
Payten, Mark 9:50 Single 35400000
Tilitzky, Michael 11:39 VP Single 41940000