Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Chase, Barry 66:58 Single 241080
Hagen, Mike 63:15 Single 227700
Mudrakoff, Jeff 63:15 Single 227700
Nichol, Ross 66:58 Single 241080
Sparks, Gary DNF Single 999999998
Szarecki, Maciej 70:39 Single 254340

New Start Time 0600 Classic Lowlands 1000 with a few modifications. Starting and finishing each day at Ride Organizer's house in south Langley. Riders are welcome, food and accommodation provided. Please email for more info.

The final versions of the GPS tracks (three files - one for each loop) and the Route Sheet posted May 15, with minor changes to clarify some cues and GPS notes. No changes were made to the route and distances. Route sheets will also be available at the start.

Please remember to bring your passports. We cross the border on the first and third loops.