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Hagen, Mike 34:18 Recumbent 123480
Simpson, Daniel 35:54 VP Single 129240

Popkum – Ashcroft loop pre-ride

This is a route I have wanted to do for a few years, having the opportunity to do it as a Rando was even better. Having $15 invested in the ride sure ups the motivation.

Highway #3 from Hope to Princeton, while beautiful and fun, has little or no shoulder at many locations. This includes the nice downhills, most of the time I was well into the lane during the descents.

It is 100 km from Princeton to Merritt with no supplies, if it is hot you may want to have a fair supply of water before stepping out of Merritt.

Merritt to Logan Lake is only about 60 km, but the services in Logan Lake close at 10 pm. If you are later than that it will be another 40 km to Ashcroft before there are supplies. There is water available in Logan Lake at a tap which can be accessed any time of day or night.

From Ashcroft, down the Trans Canada there are services available, some of the distances are 60 km between them, you may want water if it is hot.

During my ride the temperature was a bit on the cool side at night. Between Logan Lake and Ashcroft it was 2-3° C. The first few hours out of Ashcroft were cool at about 6° C.

I look forward to seeing all interested riders this Saturday.

8,000 + meters of descent! Sounds like some amazing fun will be had on this loop though the interior of BC. Hitting all the hot spots, Hope, Princeton, Merritt, Logan Lake, Ashcroft, and back to the cars at Popkum Market, just East of Rosedale BC.

If there are more than 10 riders the overnight control in Ashcroft will be located at the Ashcroft River Inn. If there are less than 10 riders, accommodation will be located at a private residence in Ashcroft. Any riders who prefer to stay at the Inn are welcome to make the required arrangements.

Any bags that are transported to the overnight control will not return to Popkum until Sunday 12 noon at the earliest. Arrangements can be made to return the drop bag to the riders at a later date if preferred.

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