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Chase, Barry 15:15 Single 54900

A reprise of the Summer Series 'Sidney 300'.  The route has not been rechecked, so keep alert for changed conditions.

Pre-ride notes from 4701 copied below. Goto Event 4701 for further details.  


24hr parking available on Resthaven, one block from start.

Seal coat on Wallace Drive around km 160.  OK, but use caution (Note added 3 Sep:  All clear.)

Burst water main on Hampshire Road km 225.  Road marked closed, but ok for pedestrians to go around excavation. (Note added 3 Sep:  All clear.)


Pre-ride report

The route Gord has created has a good flow to it, with familiar roads linked in creative new ways. I found myself wondering how we were going to get to from here to there without repeating but it always worked out. Except for the highway legs of the ride the roads are mostly low traffic and good riding.
The shoulders on the highway are not too bad for gravel. I did see a pile of glass in one spot beside the barrier Southbound at Elk Lake. Other than that the only other note is some chip seal on Wallace from roughly 160 km to 162 km. It was easy riding on the 25th and should be even better by next weekend.
The water is still shut off at the CRD sites, including the rest stop on the Goose just past the Nest. Tulista Park just south of Sidney on Lochside does have bathrooms and running water.
The only other thing I have to say, and maybe the most important, is that there was an ice cream truck on Dallas Road near Clover Point. It looks like it will be there all summer.