Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 17:07 Single 61620
Bhandar, Buddy 15:35 Single 56100
den Braber, Rick 17:07 Single 61620
Fishlock, Graham 14:55 Single 53700
Fowler, Fred 13:46 Single 49560
Galley, Luke 14:34 Single 52440
Karlen, Dean 13:55 Single 50100
Koen, Bob 17:07 Single 61620
Litster, Gord 13:46 Single 49560
McLaren, Keith 13:46 Single 49560
Oxborough, Kyle DNF Single 999999998
Payten, Mark 15:35 Single 56100
Stewart, Ronald DNF Single 999999998
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) DNF Single 999999998
Szarecki, Maciej 19:07 Single 68820
Tilitzky, Michael DNF Single 999999998
Tough, Murray 14:17 Single 51420
White, David 13:55 VP Single 50100


Registration is now open for the “Sidney 300”. 

The official ACP date for this event is 1 August.  However, due to the Covid situation, ACP has allowed our members to ride the event starting on any day within a defined Ride Window, which for this event is:

'SIDNEY 300' RIDE WINDOW:   Wed 29 July to  Tue 4 August

Primary start location is at Tim Horton's in Sidney.  An alternate start location may be discussed with the organizer, but it is recommended that you start in Sidney, early in the day, to minimize traffic.  If you choose the alternate start, you will need to update the route sheet and gps yourself.  Your control card will reflect the new start location.

At this time, we have placed no restrictions on overall event numbers nor on prior experience with randonneur events, however we may later impose such if we need to manage potential congestion. 

Check out the start slots available and view who is registered for which start time at Sidney 300 Start Time Grid


You need to submit your registration AT LEAST THREE (3) DAYS prior to your specified start date.

This series is not ‘business as usual’, as you will know from having reviewed our new Covid-19 Rules.  Follow the rules.  They support a careful restart to our sport, while protecting communities and respecting measures to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Contact if you have any questions.


24hr parking available on Resthaven, one block from start.

Seal coat on Wallace Drive around km 160.  OK, but use caution

Burst water main on Hampshire Road km 225.  Road marked closed, but ok for pedestrians to go around excavation.



Pre-ride report

The route Gord has created has a good flow to it, with familiar roads linked in creative new ways. I found myself wondering how we were going to get to from here to there without repeating but it always worked out. Except for the highway legs of the ride the roads are mostly low traffic and good riding.
The shoulders on the highway are not too bad for gravel. I did see a pile of glass in one spot beside the barrier Southbound at Elk Lake. Other than that the only other note is some chip seal on Wallace from roughly 160 km to 162 km. It was easy riding on the 25th and should be even better by next weekend.
The water is still shut off at the CRD sites, including the rest stop on the Goose just past the Nest. Tulista Park just south of Sidney on Lochside does have bathrooms and running water.
The only other thing I have to say, and maybe the most important, is that there was an ice cream truck on Dallas Road near Clover Point. It looks like it will be there all summer.