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Fergusson, Eric 66:02 Single 237720
Inouye, Darren DNF Single 999999998

If you suddenly realized that summer is almost over and you hanker for one last long ride, here's your chance.  Designed to be a manageable tour of the Fraser Valley!

If you intend to download FIT or GPX files, please use the day-by-day files below.  The master route shown here will not be updated.

Part 1: (353.0) (Blue routing)
Part 2: (349.2) (Green routing)
Part 3: (298.8) (Red routing)
September 6, 2022
Thanks to Mike Hagen for the ride introduction above. Here are a few route details:
If you would prefer an alternate start time, let me know. I'm considering starting at 9 a.m. to pre-load a little extra sleep.
Near the start/finish hub the route twice passes through Rupert and East Broadway, rather than the more logical routing on the Central Valley Greenway. The greenway is still closed here because of the collapsed building from earlier in the year.
There are number of possible road closures and/or detours around Abbotsford and Chilliwack.  Thanks to Gary Baker for bringing this to my attention.
The Trans Mountain Pipeline is being installed in Yarrow. Gary thinks you will be able to get through here on the road. If not you may need to divert north to the dyke and cross the tracks near Wilson Road.
A railway over pass is being built on Vye at Sumas Way. We think Vye is completely closed here. On day 2, riding east on 8th Avenue (Vye), why not go right on McCallum - Farmer - Boundary - Whatcom - right on Vye. We rode this section on day 1 the other way.
Gary also mentioned the work being done on Chilliwack River Road (Bailey to Promatory). He thinks you can get through. Ride with caution.
There may be road work on Camp River Road. Be prepared to detour. Karen Smith was able to ride through on her September 3 permanent, but cars were detoured.
Updated as needed.