Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Andrusiek, Dug 11:00 Single 39600
Barreyre, Bernard 9:44 Single 35040
Bhandar, Buddy 10:22 Single 37320
Campbell, Dave 9:44 Single 35040
Findlay, Calum DNS Single 999999995
Fish, Lee DNF Single 999999998
Fishlock, Graham 9:30 Single 34200
Fowler, Fred 9:36 Single 34560
Galley, Luke 9:44 Single 35040
Gidney, Holland 11:10 VP Single 40200
Hirschbold, Markus 9:08 Single 32880
Hovey, Paul 10:22 Single 37320
Payten, Mark 9:44 Single 35040
Power, Sean 9:38 Single 34680
Runkel, Jim 9:30 Single 34200
Sparks, Gary 9:11 Single 33060
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) 9:44 Single 35040
Testemale, Phil 8:00 Single 28800
White, David 9:44 Single 35040

Correction to Route Sheet: at 167.8km, it should be a right turn onto Wallace Drive (not Resthaven) - route sheet file has been corrected. (Thanks to Jim Runkel for noticing this error!)

ATTENTION: Pre-ride notes added to description March 27 – please read bold text for new information!

The Vancouver Island Spring 200 features a brand-new route called "Pathways to Paradise" that celebrates Greater Victoria's extensive network of bike paths! This route is 55% paved, 45% unpaved so riders should expect it to be slightly slower than 100% paved routes but we expect you'll make up some time because the navigation is very straightforward and the route itself is quite flat :)

The brevet starts at Windsor Park in Oak Bay, which has lots of unlimited free parking, and immediately beelines to Esquimalt to get on the E&N Rail Trail. Riders will take this paved flat bike path to where it intersects the Galloping Goose and then follow the Goose towards Sooke to a staffed control (49km) with water and snacks at the Galloping Goose Sooke River Road parking lot. 

After leaving that control, riders will continue heading north on the Galloping Goose until they can ride no farther. Upon reaching the red gate in Leechtown (62km) that marks the end of the trail, riders will turn around and retrace their steps as far as the parking lot where the control was. From there, riders will spend a bit of time on Sooke River Road and Sooke Road where they can access services (between 77km and 80km, there are several gas stations, a bike shop (Fuca Cycles, 5871 Sooke Rd), a Tim Horton's, the Sooke Oceanside Brewery, and possibly some food trucks – keep an eye out for Beach Camp Coffee. The Petro-Canada at 6080 Sooke Rd (far end of strip) has a huge selection of snacks, ice cream by the scoop, and a clean washroom where you can refill water bottles.

The route then returns to the Galloping Goose and follows it as far as its intersection with the Lochside Trail. Riders will continue their "Tour de Trail" by following the Lochside Trail to Sidney (140km) and then to the trail's terminus near the Swartz Bay ferry terminal. Here, riders will jump onto Land's End Road, then Chalet Road for a bit, before taking West Saanich Road all the way into Brentwood Bay, which has a variety of services (168.5 km).

From Brentwood Bay, riders will follow Wallace Drive then hop on the Interurban Rail Trail as far as it goes before joining Interurban Road, which will carry them back to the Galloping Goose. This time riders will only be on the Goose for a short spell, heading west to pick up the E&N Rail Trail to take them back into Victoria. The last part of the brevet will see riders cross the Johnson Street Bridge, follow Wharf Street to Fort Street, and then follow Fort until it turns into Oak Bay Avenue.

"Pathways to Paradise" finishes at the Penny Farthing Pub (2228 Oak Bay Avenue), where bikes can be locked to a sturdy railing by the back door but there is also a bike rack close on the sidewalk close to the entrance of the pub.

* * *

Notes from March 26, 2022 pre-ride by Holland Gidney:

- Riders familiar with E&N Trail, Galloping Goose, Lochside Trai, and Interurban Rail Trail will find the route very easy to navigate. Even if you’re not familiar with these trails, these routes are well signed and easy to follow.

- All trails are in good condition, though there is the occasional “pothole” and the Goose gets a bit rougher closer to Leechtown.

- Some roads on the Saanich Peninsula (especially parts of West Saanich Road) have gravel coating the shoulders but these roads are in better condition than a few weeks ago and may be even better come April 2.

- Wide, puncture-resistant tires are recommended. Pre-rider used 28mm Schwalbe Marathon tires and recommends similar (or even wider). If conditions are wet (and they were for the pre-ride), fenders are essential.

- Water fountains are regular and plentiful along the trails. They are supposed to be open as of April 1 but don’t count on it as they weren’t open on March 26. However, the route purposefully passes by other establishments where water bottles can be refilled or water can be purchased.

- There is no cellphone service in Leechtown (towards end of Galloping Goose Trail) and your cellphone may roam to the USA while in some parts of Sooke.

- At the end of the ride, you do not need to enter the Penny Farthing Pub to have your control card signed; self-signing is fine.