Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Allwood, David 18:17 Single 65820
Bilinski, Jacques 17:30 Single 63000
Chase, Barry DNS Single 999999995
den Braber, Rick 15:16 Single 54960
Desjardins, Chris 17:20 Single 62400
Fingler, Colin 15:31 Single 55860
Goodison, Bob 12:46 Single 45960
Koen, Bob 18:03 VP Single 64980

Kaslo – Fauquier 300 km Brevet Spring 2022

Do you enjoy riding your bike for long distances through spectacular scenery on decent roads with little traffic?  If so you might want to consider riding the Spring 300 from Kaslo to Fauquier and back on May 7th, 2022.

The ride starts in upper Kaslo at 6am.  The first part of the ride follows the Kaslo river to Fish and Bear lakes in the divide between Kaslo and New Denver.  This is a long and gentle climb and could be quite cool.  From Bear Lake to Three forks is the only section of marginal pavement on the ride.  Control your speed and be careful.  Then descend to New Denver for coffee shops and a grocery store.  Another gentle and not so long climb takes you past Summit Lake and down to Nakusp.  Many services here.  Stock up for the next section to Fauquier and back.  This is about 115 kms with absolutely no services.  I plan to have a staffed control here.  Back in Nakusp the route goes through town with many services.  If you are here much later than 6 pm you should stock up on supplies because you will likely be too late to find anything open in New Denver.  The steepest and hardest climb of the ride comes near the end with the grind up from New Denver to Bear Lake.  Then the last 30 kms is all downhill to the finish.

I can arrange for a place to stay in Kaslo for riders coming for this event.  Contact Bob Koen if you would like to take advantage of this.

BTW, the RWGPS estimated elevation gain is wildly wrong.  The actual elevation gain is a little less than 3000 meters.