Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bilinski, Jacques 11:49 Single 42540
Campbell, Kit 11:49 Single 42540
King, Dave 11:56 VP Single 42960
Martin, Michael 7:43 Single 27780
Olund, Mike 7:43 Single 27780
Premack, Craig 11:56 VP Single 42960
Qi, Douglas 12:24 Single 44640
Zhang, Ben 12:24 Single 44640
Zhu, Yan DNF Single 999999998

***The Ride with GPS route is subject to change after pre-ride.***

Being the 1st ride in the 2023 brevet calendar but last ride in year 2022, Remembrance day 200 is the most special ride of the year.

This year, the Remembrance day ride will resemble the route we did in 2018/2019 but adding an extra memorial site at Central Park, "Korean War Memorial: Ambassador of Peace".

Another slight change is the number of controls, in the past there are only 2 but this year we will have 3 or maybe 4?

One important thing that has not changed is that riders will be served hot food at the staffed control at the east end of Logan Ave in Mission.

Given the weather forecast, it might be wet and cold on the day of ride which is our normal November! 


*** There're some slight changes to the original route, new RWGPS route is uploaded @4:50pm 2022-11-08 ***

Thanks Craig Premack and Dave King for doing pre-ride


Pre-ride notes:

Craig: "This route is hilly, front to back. Definitely a benefit to temper the early efforts. It's a long 200, most will finish in the dark. Temperature dropped 7°C when the sun went down. The pre-ride became lost in the BC Parkway between New West and Burnaby. I'm very familiar with the trail. But when completely covered in leaves, the trail just vanished :)"

Dave: "There was a fair bit of debris on road edge from winds last weekend. There were downed trees we had to step over or go around, but they should be cleaned up by now"


Sorry, the Korean memorial site at Central Park is removed due to the complex routing in that area especially after dark.

The good side is we've got volunteers to run secret control, so please follow the route/cue sheet carefully.

Weather forecast is favourable but changing, fingers crossed!

Thank you.