Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Koen, Bob DNS Single 999999995
Nygren, Rob DNS Single 999999995
Person, Ed 35:34 Single 128040

Overnight parking is available at Fraser Park.

Accomodation during the event may be a challenge. If you are thinking of riding and want a bed Saturday night, start looking now.

Alternate starts may be available but it will change traffic patterns on roads, so beware.

Route was ridden over four days. Updated route posted July 31.

#9 to Sedro Woolley has questionable shoulder and was busy later in the day, including with semi trucks. Please share the road!

Cascade Trail had a couple of detours because of missing bridges, one bridge that was passable but not really attached to anything, one log across a creek and a few rought patches from washed out trail. Riders can choose trail or Hightway 20.

Old Snohomish Monroe Road also has questionable or no shoulder.

#530 from Darrington to Arlington is getting fresh ashphalt but mostly good shoulder, a couple of places with questionable shoulder.

All the control towns have 24 hour gas stations on the route except Bellingham.