Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Hartline, Andrew 36:04 Single 129840
Hossack, Étienne 35:58 Single 129480
Martin, Michael 35:45 Single 128700
Nguyen, Thai 34:20 Single 123600
Schauland, Ben 35:58 Single 129480
van Wersch, Paul DNS Recumbent 999999995

This event will be a new 600 route. There will be 8000+m of elevation gain. It will be hard.

It will not be run if the fire smoke forecast is bad. But register if you're committed and we'll sort out refund/credit if it is cancelled.

If you are interested in this event, please join the randochat room here.

The recommended overnight stop is in Lillooet, 4 beds have been reserved at this time at the 4 pines motel. Riding at night isn't recommended due to the lack of stunning views and services.

Lillooet is a challenging middle spot because there are no services between Boston Bar and Lillooet (120km of hilly terrain), and nothing open in Lillooet past 11pm.
Pemberton has a gas station that opens at 5am (closes at 1am).
There's a 24 subway in Whistler.

The route will start in Vancouver, and have a first control / alternate start in Port Moody.

No support, no pre-ride.