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Chase, Barry DNF Single 999999998
den Braber, Rick DNF Single 999999998
Goodison, Bob 16:05 Single 57900

An old favourite with a few new roads thrown in.

There are no services between Lumby at 162 km and Lumby at 218 km, so stock up. Also, no stores on the route between 247 (Butcher Boys grocery) and km 298 (Mellors). The only 24 hour store in Salmon Arm the Shell/Circle K  between the frontage road and the highway at km 309. No other 24 hour services between Salmon Arm and Kamloops. Most other gas stations close at 9PM> There are coin operated water dispensers at KM 311.2 (Beside Skookum Cycle in Salmon Arm, and at km 345 in Sorrento at the Lighthouse Market.


The new route through Salmon Arm looks fiddly on the route sheet. It's not. Just stay as close as possible to the highway without being on it until you cross it at Shuswap St., then do the same thing on the other side.