Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Goodison, Bob 19:20* Single 69600
Koen, Bob DNF* Single 999999998
Press, Nigel 15:27* Single 55620



A nice cruise from Peachland to Tulameen, returning via Oliver.  Option to start in Peachland or Penticton. Please put your choice of start location in the "wit and wisdom" spot.


Peachland Start- I have been told it is ok to park along Beach Avenue. The washrooms near the start are closed from 10PM to 6AM- useless to us. If  you are sleeping in your vehicle I suggest parking near the North end of Beach Avenue, just past Todd Rd. The washrooms there are open all night, You can then either ride the flat 2 km to the start, or move your vehicle- lots of parking. |I parked in front of the Lakeshore Gardens appartments and it was very quiet.


Penticton Start- Google Street View from July 2023 shows lots of on-street parking. It is posted as no boat trailer parking.  Lee Ave. and Elm Ave. lookslike the best choices, but I would advise checking it it out Friday.