Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Ambrose, Thomas DNS Single 999999995
Arscott, Deirdre 11:17 Single 40620
Brown, Steve DNF Single 999999998
Fairweather, Nicholas 10:12 Single 36720
Galley, Luke DNF Single 999999998
Morano, Maria DNF Single 999999998
Nygren, Rob DNS Single 999999995
Payten, Mark DNF Single 999999998
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) 11:17 Single 40620
Willis, Christopher 10:40 Single 38400

Sidney Red Gate 200starts in Sidney at Tim Hortons on Beacon Avenue.  The route follows many favorite cycling routes in Greater Victoria. Initially heading west, the route crosses the Saanich Peninsula into the lovely Deep Cove area.  Changing directions to head south for the next 34 km, you join the Galloping Goose trail heading for the West Shore communities.  This trail can be busy with walkers and lots of cyclists.

Coming to the intersections at  51.1 km and 51.7 km, riders may have to use of crosswalks to cross the street.

During the winter months, water stations along the trails are turned off.  There are a few gas stations with convenience stores after the first control that riders can use to fill their water bottles. 

When the route arrives at Sooke Potholes Parking lot, you join a well packed gravel trail to the Red Gate.  A U-turn sends you back down a gentle hill.  At this point, the ride is half done!  At 132.8 km, right turn onto Lombard Drive and now you’re passing the sheep farms in Metchosin.  There are a couple of rolling hills ahead just to keep it interesting. 

From Wale Road, the bike route alongside Island Highway takes you past Four Mile Brew Pub.  There is a downhill right turn off the road onto a path that leads you onto the historic E&N Rail trail. After crossing Johnson Street Bridge at 158 km, you join the Wharf Street bikeway.  It can be busy and care and attention is needed.

Have a camera ready. The Inner Harbour, the Waterfront, and the Lochside Trail are all classic bike rides and you’ll want to stop and take a couple of photos.  After Pkols (the Indigenous name for Mt Douglas Park), the last 19 kms are mainly flat and a perfect way to finish a 200 km ride.