Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 19:04 Single 68640
Blair, Richard 23:20 Single 84000
Chase, Barry 23:20 Single 84000
den Braber, Rick 19:04 Single 68640
Fillinger, Ian 13:54 Single 50040
Goodison, Bob 17:15 Single 62100
Nickerson, Peter DNF Single 999999998

The Inteior 400km brevet started at the Gateway Shell station in Kamloops on 23 May 2015, involving seven riders of which six completed. The seventh rider, Peter Nickerson unfortunately encountered mechanical problems with his bicycle which precluded his finishing the ride. The brevet took the riders north on Highway 5 to Clearwater and then into Wells Gray Park and the spectacular and popular tourist destination of Helmcken Falls. The weather was decent, but for some showers during the latter part of May 23 and into the morning of May 24.