Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Caddick, Jodi 11:35 Single 41700
Chase, Barry 11:31 Single 41460
Hagen, Mike 8:53 Single 31980
Hagreen, Erik 10:04 Single 36240
Koch-Schulte, John DNF Single 999999998
Reimer, Andy 13:14 Single 47640
Simpson, Daniel 8:52 Single 31920
Szarecki, Maciej 11:26 Single 41160

An exciting return of night rides that had a nice, social start at Dageraad (unless you’re Andy racing home to unlock your house for your partner, and coming screaming back to down a beer then hit the road) and reasonably fair weather for most of the ride. New roads for some, well-lit second half and a slightly quiet finish as the organizer may have missed his alarm…

Preride Report Ever wanted to be a randonneur, adventuring through the night, but sans fatigue? Just want a chance to avoid silly traffic? Want to test your light set-up prior to a long tour or randonnée? Or just couldn't care less and want to ride your bike!

The route should be on roads familiar to many, heading out via the south side of the Fraser, following lovely Fort Langley roads, then into Abbotsford, over the mission bridge, and back into Vancouver via Dewdney Trunk aaaaallll the way to the last section on the Barnet, before the late night city ride on (hopefully) empty streets.