Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bonner, Kenneth 33:04 Single 119040
Ford, Mark 37:40 Single 135600
Payten, Mark 32:20 VP Single 116400
Tilitzky, Michael 37:40 Single 135600
White, David 32:20 VP Single 116400

Pre-ride report

The ride will start at 2290 Cooperidge. There is lots of street parking available but please don’t disturb the neighbours. There is some road work in Metchosin and the shoulders are partially blocked but at the early hour there should be no problem taking the lane. At approximately the 68k mark there is some road sealing being done. This results in a lot of sand and small gravel being all over the road. It starts at the bottom of the big hill in Shirley so be alert on the descent. Other than that spot the aggregate is not much of a problem and only lasts a few kilometers. The Coastal Kitchen in Port Renfrew has been advised to expect riders and is a nice place to stop in. They have outdoor tables so you can keep an eye on your bike while you eat. The answer to the information control #3 is on the brass plaque on a rock pedastel. At the 283km point we made the turn onto the Highway and the shoulders were like a gravel pit with glass added. This is a busy stretch of road and it is not practical or safe to take the lane here. If you cross the highway at the intersection there is a bike path that parallels the highway and I recommend that you use it. At Mostar/Rutherford you can cross back over and the shoulders are not as bad. There is a small store in Errington with posted hours of 7am to 11pm. At info control #4 you can find the answer near the gates. The Shell station at 348k has always been friendly to Randonneurs and is your last chance until Courtenay. Control #5 is a 24 hour Tim Hortons. Heading south was pretty straightforward. Once you are past Parksville the traffic will probably be heavy. Please keep well to the right on the shoulders. Mark and I had several drivers using the fog lines as their Braille guides as they drove.

Since the pre-ride there have been a couple of route changes. The original stretch past Parksville to exit 51 has been changed to go through Parksville and we now go through Nanaimo instead of taking the bypass.

Organizer Notes

  • Note that this brevet will end in Mill Bay (at the Tim Horton's). Instructions on submitting your Control Card will be provided at the start.

  • If desired, riders can use the Mill Bay - Brentwood Bay ferry to return to the start location (avoiding the Malahat). Ferries run every 70 minutes, with the last ferry departure at 6:30pm. Bring $10 cash for fare (rider+bike), or buy a prepaid ticket at the Thrifty Foods in Mill Bay. For convenience, instructions on returning to the start location via the ferry will be included on the route sheet, but they are not officially part of the route. Note that the ferry dock is approximately 5km from the Tim Horton's. Riders should prepare alternate plans in case they miss the last ferry.

  • If anyone would like to park at the finish area and would like a drive to the start location on Saturday morning, contact Dan at Limited space is available.

  • Link to the preliminary route: