Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 15:46 Single 56760
Goodison, Bob 12:51 Single 46260
Nichol, Ross 15:46 Single 56760

A few minor changes from 2018 to make it safer and more fun, but also slightly hillier. There is a 6 km section of gravel on Chase-Falkland Rd., which had some potholes and mud when I rode it in June. It may be better now. Or not. For the info control on Yankee Flats Rd, note that there are 2 entrances for Peebles Farm, both on the left. Only the second one has the sign with the answer to the question. As always, watch for sinkholes on the shoulder of Hwy 97A.  Approaching Swan Lake (Vernon), take the exit as if you were going to Kamloops, then go under the highway, straight off the end of the T intersection to the bike path, which will take you to Greenhow Rd. There was a lot of rock and debris on the shoulder along Monte Lake.

There is a closure for construction on 39th Avenue in Vernon. The RWGPS and route sheet both show the detour, but if is possible to go straight through 30th Avenue and directly across the highway, feel free to do so.

Possible delays on Barnhartvale Rd. Due to paving.

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