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Martin, Michael 46:53 Single 168780
Tough, Murray DNF* Single 999999998

Due to continuing highway reconstruction beyond Hope (especially Hwy 8) the originally planned "Lac le Jeune" route is postponed to another time.  Instead, this year's LM spring 1000 will travel out-and-back to Pemberton Meadows, out-and-back to Boston Bar, and loop to Tsawwassen for the final 200 km.

The 'Whistling Through Hell' ride will be done in the true Randonneur spirit, this ride is 100% self-supported. There is an ample number of motels along the way. Except for strecthes like Squamish to Whistler and Hope to Boston Bar supplies are mostly easy to obtain. Barry's Trading Post (closed on Sunday)  Saturday, 9am - 6pm has a good stock. You may meet a local character there as I once did.  


More details to come.