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Lee, Matt 19:38 Single 70680
Person, Ed DNF Single 999999998
Press, Nigel 17:38 Single 63480
Subarsky, Patrick HD Single 999999994

Yes, it is a night start no exceptions.

Two start times:
20:00 & 22:00 hrs
*Pre-registration closes on Aug 05 at 12 pm*
Please indicate your preferred start time in the ride window section of the pre-registration
Absolutely no support on this brevet. Zero. Zilch. Plan accordingly.
24hr services at Squamish (78.8km) and Whistler 133.6km
In Pemberton the first thing to open is Petro Canada at 5am
Goal of this brevet is to arrive at Joffre Lake Provincial Park at sunrise and to test yourself with a night start if you're thinking about going to PBP next year.
Wearing reflective vest is mandatory. Reflective leg bands are strongly recommended.  
Bicycles must be in safe working order. A bright front light (which clearly illuminates the road at least 5 meters in front of the bike) and a red rear light are mandatory, and both must be attached to the bike - no lights mean no ride. Riding at night without proper lighting and reflective clothing will result in disqualification. Riders should have backup lighting systems. There may be inspections before any event to ensure that the minimum equipment requirements are met. Organizers may refuse rider participation because of equipment violations.
The route has not been pre-ridden in its entirety. I have ridden back from Joffre Lake, and Vancouver to Squamish and back with no issues. The Sea to Sky Hwy has a notoriously dirty shoulder at times. Expect random tools, bits of 2x4"s, shards of fallen rocks on the shoulder. You may want to put on new or more durable tires for this event.