Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bilinski, Jacques 23:37 Single 85020
Fergusson, Eric 25:10 Single 90600
Galley, Luke DNF Single 999999998
Sparks, Gary 22:10 VP Single 79800
Townsend, Christopher 22:56 Single 82560
Venables, Tom DNS Single 999999995
Xue, Dong 25:10 Single 90600

Pre ride notes:

Control 1: Extension: Footbridge is on right side, 2nd house in

Control 3:  Port Renfrew opening hours are variable.  Like elsewhere, businesses open or close based on staffing.

Control 4: Youbou.  Watch for elk on road through town.  Control is at the far end of town beside the new firehall.

Control 5: Glenora.  Gate closes about 10pm.  Go around and to the end of the parking lot.  Caretakers are aware of event so washrooms may be open.

Control 6:  Mill Bay.  Same comment as Port Renfrew, despite listing 24hr service, they may be closed.

km 350.3 Westholme Rd.  Construction.  Gravel and potholes for approx 1.1km

km 396.6 Park Ave.  Construction.  Local traffic only. Gravel for approx 200m.


Starting in Nanaimo.  The Bluebird Motel, also used for the summer 600 and 1000, is across the street.  Visit Extension and admire the garden art while looking for your info control.  Through Crofton with a chance for a latte.  Stop in Lake Cowichan for supplies--Country Grocer has a good cafe in the deli section.  Port Renfrew again.  (Weren't we just here?)  More pub food (the soup is quite good!) before returning through LC to Youbou, and a new control.  What the heck is a hard hat shack anyway?  Do the ride to find out!  Out to Glenora Trails Head Park where you can ride the zipline in the playground.  Ride some (straightforward) highway to Mill Bay before returning to Nanaimo.

Watch Chemainus Rd just south of Ladysmith--it is narrow for the first 1km. The ride over the hump to Renfrew goes through wilderness without much cell coverage.  Be prepared, and carry enough water.  

An alternate start in Mill Bay is possible, but services become even more limited with this option.  Talk to the organizer if you really can't start in Nanaimo.

Parking is available on St George St behind Canco.  Or at the Bluebird if you've booked a room for a finisher's nap.

Note:  the organizers strongly recommend that you do not drive immediately after finishing a 400km (or longer) ride.