Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 11:27 Single 41220
Benard, Jacquetta 11:50 VP Single 42600
Chase, Barry 11:27 Single 41220
De La Rosa, Jocelyn 8:23 Single 30180
den Braber, Rick 11:27 Single 41220
Goodison, Bob 8:23 Single 30180
Koen, Bob 11:50 VP Single 42600

** Route Sheet & GPX files updated 22 Sept 0830 **

This is a fairly flat route but includes a couple of fun climbs. Mostly paved, and the gravel sections are hard packed and made for riding.  Any road tire will be fine. Start with the Mission Creek Greenway followed with a Grand Tour of the Kelowna shoreline to get onto the Okanagan Rail Trail, and later getting above Kalamalka and Wood Lakes rewards you with great views that you don't see from the rail trail below. Should be fun.repor

Bob Koen Pre-ride report:

Jacquetta and I did the pre-ride of this brevet on Sunday Sept 18.  It was a bluebird perfect weather day; cool to start but it warmed up nicely later on.

It was a beautiful and fun ride.  Quite different from the riding that I have done in other regions of BC.  It starts with a gravel trail beside a creek which leads down to Okanogan Lake.  Then we rode along the Kelowna waterfront and continued north through some wetlands on the paved rail trail.  The route left the rail trail at times in favor of some back roads and rolling terrain.  The trail turned to gravel for the stretch along Kalamalka Lake (one of the worlds 10 most beautiful lakes according to National Geographic).  After that we went through Vernon and into more rural farming country up to the turn around in Enderby.  The way back was mostly on different roads except for the gravel trail on Kalamalka Lake.  A highlight on this stretch was the climb up from Oyama and along the east side of Wood Lake.  Nice views here and warm sunshine.

This ride has quite a bit of gravel so wider tires will be more comfortable.  It's a really fun ride and highly recommended.