Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bhatti, Moez 24:49 Single 89340
Cullum, Chris 17:49 Single 64140
De La Rosa, Jocelyn 16:53 Single 60780
Gottlieb, Mike 20:44 Single 74640
Haber, Jonah 24:49 Single 89340
Hagen, Mike 20:01 VP Single 72060
Lui, Maurice Ka Ho DNF Single 999999998
Olund, Mike DNF Single 999999998
Person, Ed 19:35 Single 70500
Qi, Douglas 23:32 Single 84720

The cue sheet is revised and uploaded as of 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 10.  Minor edits only.

This route follows the first two loops of the Loopy Lower Mainland 1000.  The 50 km UBC loop is first up, and it is unexpectedly quick for an urban route.  The 350 km Prairie Borderline loop has only 2000 m of climbing.  The route features stretches along the Tynehead Perimeter Trail, Cloverdale Greenway, and BC Hydro Corridor Trail on the way out.  This is followed by a (flat and fast!) loop of Sumas and Chilliwack Prairies, including visits to end-of-road controls that I suspect most folk have not been to.  The way back has a 50 km run along the border from Arnold to Douglas, a crescent around the bay, and another touch of the border near Point Roberts.  The way back to Burnaby features a run across Delta on roads I've found to be very peaceful in the dark.

Start time is early: 4:00 a.m.  This is to take advantage of street lights and low traffic in the first 50 km and enable folk to ride further before it gets dark again.  The McDonalds at the start is open 24 hours. The brevet finishes at Anna's and my house, north on Gamma.  We recommend folk park their cars along Gamma Ave north of Pandora St.  Folk are welcome to stay the night before or after, if you don't mind a sleeping pad on the floor in the basement.   Breakfast provided!

Pre-ride notes:  It was a gorgeous day.  Got a bit warm in the afternoon, and headwinds both ways, but really can't ask for better.  I hope it is the same on the 13th!  Met Colin at Yarrow.  He brought some water and Coke,which was much appreciated.  Thanks,Colin.

Overall, I think the route is an interesting and engaging one, with a mix of familiar roads and unfamiliar areas that I hope folk will enjoy.  Not a lot of climbing, a few stretches with navigation challenges, but all good, right?  Please take note of the following:
The 50 km loop out to UBC is quite straightforward.  You'll be in the dark to start with, so watch for hazards.  There is broken pavement at km 5.8, the roundabout at Wall Street and Nanaimo, be careful there.

From the second control at km 51, Frances St at Gamma Ave, it is 1 km north to my house.  Feel free to come up for food, water, or anything else you need.  I have no objection to folk leaving things with me that they want to pick up at the house after their first 50 km.

The Cloverdale Greenway after km 84.5 has a few street crossings.  Just remember that you are staying under the powerline if you are uncertain which way to turn.  At 188 St, take the 57 Ave roadway.  The Greenway continues, but it is a very awkward junction at Highway 10 that we will avoid.  Then at km 89, get onto the Hydro Corridor Trail by keeping right just where the frontage road starts to curve under the overpass.  There is a small trail there.  One can also get onto the Hydro Trail a little further on by going around a gate.  Be careful on the Hydro Trail, there are a few patches of loose gravel.

Take care in the construction zone along Fraser Highway, they are not quite finished there.  Ross Road goes through to Huntington Road.  The new Marshall Road Extension is now under construction, and there was some confusing signage at km 117 which implied Ross Road was closed and to detour onto the Marshall Extension. This is incorrect, just stay on Ross Road.
The Vye Rd overpass across the rail line west of Sumas Way is not finished, so we need to detour south on Riverside, then 4th, then north on Sumas Way back to Vye.  Sumas Way is being resurfaced there, so please use caution.  This adds 2 1/2 km, but I compensated by routing onto the Canyon to Coast Trail along the dyke in Chilliwack after km 181.  More about that below.

At km 167, Dyke Road is gravel but it is in good shape.  At the first main road crossing, Lower Landing Road, continue straight and pick up the Hope Rotary Trail beside the chain link fence.  This is a well-packed gravel surface which shortly turns to pavement.  Watch for other park users along here.  Even on a Wednesday it was busy.

At km 171, take Cartmell Rd to Island 22 Regional Park.  It is well signed.  The road turns to gravel but again it is in good shape.  Go past the Gatehouse (closed for the season) and the Day Use parking lot, and continue straight past the yellow gate onto the dyke road.  You have another four or five hundred meters to go at this point.  You will see a group of tall, skinny trees down the road, there is a sign "Island 22 Regional Park Boundary', and the road curves to the left just past here.  The at the park boundary sign.

You will see the Canyon to Coast Trail at km 178.5. but stay on Ballam Road.  At km 181, Ballam Road does a quick R/L jog at Sweetham Road, at this point you will get onto the Canyon to Coast Trail by essentially going straight instead of following the jog.  The Canyon to Coast Trail is10 km long, and it is mostly a good gravel surface.  You should have no trouble with 25 mm tires and up.  (That is true for all the gravel bits along the route.  I would be leary with 23 mm only on the Hydro Corridor Trail.)  Nice views and quiet farmland along here!  If you really don't want to ride 10 km of gravel, you may route along Ballam Rd, Kitchen Rd, Kitchen Hall Road, Jesperson Rd, and Camp River Road.  This is 1 1/2 km further, but it is paved.

The Halvorson Road control is found by riding straight down the road until it ends.  There is a gate with a stop sign on the left at that point.  You need to find the stop sign to answer the control question.

At km 240, the Stewart Road sign is hidden by a hedge.  Watch for the signs to Yarrow Sports Field.  It is only a couple hundred meters after the No 3 Rd junction.

The new bridge over the Nicomekl River at km 313 is open but still shoulder-restricted, take the lane here.  Beyond the bridge, there is road widening and resurfacing work going on. There are some drop offs at the pavement edge. Take care here.

There is intertidal wetlands remediation work going on in Mud Bay Park, and the trails are closed or partially closed.  I was able to get through by ignoring "Sidewalk Closed" signs and taking advantage of where others had moved fences out of the way.  There appears to be a detour route, but I couldn't quite figure it out.  As many of you will arrive here in the dark, and as the park is closed at dusk anyway, I've rerouted to avoid this part of the Boundary Bay Trail.  Instead, we will use the South Surrey Greenway and Ladner Trunk Road.  Too bad, because I like this part of the Boundary Bay Trail.

The next bit of gravel is after km 339.  The parking lot at the south end of 72 Street is littered with potholes, be wary here.  But after that, the Boundary Bay Trail to Beach Grove is in good shape, maybe a bit loose, but that might be me riding it in the dark.  I was happy to get to Beach Grove.

I rode the section from Tsawwassen to the finish in the dark, and it was fine.  Roads were mostly quiet and lit by street lights.  A few spots of gravel and/or greenway trail in Burnaby (BC Parkway, Midtown Bikeway, CVG, Kensington Park) are reasonably intuitive.  I tried to make the cue sheet clear at these spots.

Services are a bit scarce along the route.  I've indicated on the cue sheet where there are services.  Please be mindful of long stretches where there are no services.  I recommend stocking up at the Centex GoMarket on Huntington and Columbia, for instance.  It is the only store between Yarrow and 96th St, which is a 70 km stretch. 24-hour services are also quite scanty along the route.  The Tim Horton's and the Chevron at 96th and Ladner Trunk Road are open 24 hours.  There are a few 24-hour places along the King George Boulevard.  In Tsawwassen, if you are desperate, the 7-Eleven at 16th and 56th is open 24 hours.  The Esso on Nordel Way is open 24 hours as well  But that is about it.

Finally, folk are more than welcome to stay with us on Friday evening before the ride or to crash here after the ride on Saturday night (Sunday morning?).  Please let me or Anna know if this is your plan.