Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
De La Rosa, Jocelyn 7:50 Single 28200
Goodison, Bob 7:50 Single 28200
Koen, Bob 10:26 Single 37560

Changing it up a bit. Instead of going out to Wild Rose Bay, we will go out Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Rd. past Herald Park. RWGPS greatly exaggerates the vertical, as usual. The ride is a bit under 2000m of climbing ( I got a reading of 1740m on my Garmin, Strava says 1856m) which is a bit for an early spring ride, but the upside is that all the twists and turns mean that if it is windy, it will not be a headwind for hours and hours. No stores directly on the route until 73.4 km, then they  are less than 20 km apart. If you are desperate, there is the Tappen Co-Op 200m off route at Km19.3/55.  It is early season, so expect lots of sand, debris,  and BIG potholes on the road, especially on Highway 1 between  Squilax and Sorrento.