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This year’s Chili 200 will be starting in Saanich close to Vic West.  The route is a variation of the ‘All but Three’ route. The route is back to the original in North Saanich as the bridge on Chalet Rd has been rebuilt.  The deviation off the Galloping Goose onto Cecilia Street, to return to the start is new.

There will be an alternate start at the Lost Airmen of the Empire control to make it convenient for those who wish to come from across the water to participate. PLEASE INDICATE IN YOUR REGISTRATION NOTES IF YOU WISH A NORTH SAANICH START.

Please note that both starts will be staffed.

The extended weather forecast looks good for March. If it holds true, it should be a mostly dry day with highs in the late single digits. 

For those who start in Saanich, there will be a choice of vegetarian or meat chili’s (or both) upon completion of the ride.  Those who get to that control mid-ride, I guess you will be riding to the last 20 km to your final control at the Lost Airmen of the Empire with full bellies.

The pre-ride will be taking place on Tuesday of this week. The route sheets and control cards will be posted in the database and sent out after any needed changes are made.

We are looking forward to seeing you out on the second brevet of the season!